Celebrity Style round up featuring Kate Moss, Ellie Goulding and Millie Mackintosh.

There have been some really great celebrity looks this month, with celebs once again showing that the perfect wardrobe is a good blend of High Street pieces and designer names. On the designer front, there was a double whammy at this year’s Children in Need, with both Tess Daly and Sarah Harding opting for the Project D Itala dress, albeit in different metallic shades. Kate Moss showed her style credentials in animal print from Marc Jacobs in a midi length, a style you can get for less on the High Street at the moment, whilst the lovely Sara MacDonald, Noel Gallagher’s better half, showed that the Gatsby look is definitely alive and kicking in Gucci, a look you can get for less at Phase Eight.

On the High Street, Zoe Hardman and Lydia Bright are another couple of fashionista’s sharing a great look, but styling it in oh so different ways. The plaid suit from Miss Selfridge looks as great with heels as it does with loafers and is a great buy this season. Wear it as a suit or as separates, either way would be amazing, making it a great versatile buy. Millie Mackintosh looks a million dollars in a pair of chandelier earrings from Accessorize that cost significantly less than a million dollars, whilst Ellie Goulding towers over the musical opposition in a pair of Sprint boots from Nelly’s 5inch and Up collection.

And finally. my favourite celebrity look of the last week, and one which I had just a small hand in. BBC presenter Joanne Malin presented the Midlands coverage of this year’s ‘Children in Need’ in a gorgeous blue, 1960s style, beaded dress from Phase Eight. Joanne had asked me if I had any contacts I could call in at Phase Eight in order to source something special for the live coverage, which regularly attracts more than 1 million viewers. I duly obliged and Joanne made a trip to the Solihull branch, choosing three possible dresses, the Tina Tassel, the Betsy Feather and the Lorabelle, with the Lorabelle the dress that was eventually chosen for the big night. I think this was the perfect choice with the deep blue looking fabulous against Joanne’s red hair.


Millie Mackintosh wears Accessorize


Decadent Opium Crystal Earrings £14 click to visit Accessorize

 Ellie Goulding wears Nelly

5 INCH AND UP FOR NELLY / SPRINT BOOTS £ 67.95 click to visit Nelly

Sarah Harding wears Project D


PROJECTD LONDON Itala Ocean Asymmetric Sequin Maxi Gown £595.00 click to visit my wardrobe

Joanne Malin wears Phase Eight

Lorabelle Sequin Dress £104.00 Was £130.00 click to visit Phase Eight

The other choices

Tina Tassel Dress £150.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Betsy Feather Dress £150.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Sara MacDonald in Gucci – Get the look


Get the look

Giselle Flapper Dress £275.00 click to visit Phase Eight

Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs – Get the look

Daisie Leopard Print Midi Bodycon Dress £13.99 click to visit Missguided

Ginny Leopard Print Midi Dress £18.99 click to visit Missguided

Zoe Hardman in Warehouse

BEADED COLLAR JACQUARD DRESS. Price: £70.00 click to visit Warehouse

Zoe Hardman and Lydia Bright in Miss Selfridge

CHECK TROUSERS. Price: £48.00 click to visit Warehouse

CHECK JACKET. Price: £75.00 click to visit Warehouse

John Lewis Faux Fur Hat, Purple £20 click to visit John Lewis

Warm Grey Faux Fur Cossack Hat £9.99 click to visit New Look

Melanie Masson wears In Love with Fashion



LOVE Black And Silver Lurex Cross Neck Cut Out Maxi £42 click to visit Love


Fashion Mommy at the BBC


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Fashion-mommy had a small taste of stardom today when she was featured on the ‘Mornings with Joanne Malin‘ show on BBC Radio WM.  This was during the style guide ‘Sex in the 2nd City’ slot. It was frankly one of the most exhilarating and nerve-wracking experiences of my whole life…and I would do it again like a shot!

The day didn’t bode well. Baba and I had slept at nanny and grandad’s house the night before so that Auntie Jodie could be babasitter extraordinaire whilst mommy talked fashion on the airwaves. Unfortunately, we had to sleep in a single bed, and nobody has yet explained to Baba about personal space. I was balanced precariously on the edge of a tiny bed for most of the night, whilst trying to avoid feet and elbows. Needless to say, by morning, I felt battered, bruised and in need of a good nights sleep!

BBC Radio WM is based in ‘The Mailbox‘, one of Birmingham‘s shopping hotspots. This is full of higher end stores like Harvey Nicholls and Jesire, and also home to the glorious Crabtree and Evelyn store. I travelled there by taxi, chatting incessantly to a lovely cabbie, who promised to tune in to listen to my slot. By the time I got to ‘The Mailbox’ my already frazzled nerves were totally on a knife’s edge. What if I couldn’t speak – if I opened my mouth but nothing came out? What if I got so tongue tied I couldn’t be understood? Two toilet trips did nothing to alleviate the nerves, and my fab Miu Miu heeled shoes, which had seemed a good idea when I was dressing this morning were now crippling beyond belief. And who the hell was going to see my feet on the radio anyway?

I got to the BBC public space and relaxed a little. Fashion-Mommy is never more relaxed than when she is in the presence of gorgeous clothing, and there, on display, were glorious costumes from Strictly Come Dancing. There was an amazing gold dress that was worn by Zoe Lucker, one of Tess Daley’s always amazing cocktail style dresses, and a fab tuxedo and stunning dress as worn by Tom Chambers and Camilla Dallerup when they had won the series in December 2008. I remembered that final very well as I had watched it from my hospital bed after the unexpected early arrival of Baba, who had made his appearance three days earlier.

A cup of strong coffee to smooth the nerves didn’t really work, so I tried to read the latest edition of Vanity Fair, the one with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. Didn’t actually read a word, but at least I looked calm to any passing onlooker. All the time I was sitting in the public space cafe I could hear links being made to my slot – ‘We’re going to be talking to a blogging mommy after the news…’Nooo! you’re not, she’s lost her ability to speak properly and can now only make sounds.

But the show producers proved to be friendly and complimentary. My blog was praised, and I was told that some time had been spent trying to track me down in order to appear on the show. This was a great boost to my ego, but rather than saying something sensible, I just grinned like a moron. And then I was taken through into the studio…

It was a small and cosy room, rather than a large busy place that I had imagined. Jo Malin is exactly how she sounds on the radio, friendly and chatty, like a new best friend. She immediately put me at ease and complimented my outfit (a Jaeger vintage dress from charity shop and pink m&s mac) and then played the new Take That song to lead into the news. I was on after the news…so this was it?

Radio is really funny. I was there to talk about my blog, and blogging in general, but you just sort of start talking. I chatted about Christmas shopping, internet safety, the recession, basically everything. The first time I had to speak I was so nervous that my eyes were darting everywhere. Jo noticed this and asked if I was nervous. I said yes, I felt a bit like a cornered animal and was searching for the escape route, but Jo said that I was fine – a natural, and was going to keep me on longer. She wasn’t joking either, I was still there at the end of the show, rabbiting on about god knows what!

I really enjoyed the experience and would love to be on the show again if the opportunity arises. I could talk about Christmas shopping in the Mailbox or bullring, or on a budget during the recession. Maybe I could chat about vintage shopping or charity shop shopping….who knows, we’ll have to wait and see!