Introducing my eBay Collections

I have been using eBay as a source of great shopping bargains for more than ten years now. I have found some amazing items over the years, from designer goods to toys for Joe. The eBay site is a veritable treasure trove where you can literally type in any item and find what you are looking for, or you can just browse and bag yourself something you never actually knew you wanted! It is an addictive form of shopping and all from the comfort of your living room.

The eBay website has seen lots of developments in recent years, from eBay shops to the High Street style fashion outlet, which is home to brands like House of Fraser and Boden amongst many famous names. And now, eBay UK is launching eBay collections, and I am very excited to say that I have been asked to be part of this fascinating new project, one which promises to offer a new way of finding exactly what you want on the eBay site.

So what are eBay collections?

The idea is actually a really simple, yet totally effective one. eBay collections are a way of grouping together beautiful items that can be found on the eBay site by using a common theme. This could be linked to colour, season, or style. It can also be linked to something more specific, a person, a film, an era. I was approached to put my creativity to the test by forming 15 collections related to fashion. I needed to think of themes for my collection, and then to find objects currently being sold on eBay that could not only illustrate those themes, but could do it in the most visually beautiful way possible. The images needed to convey the inspiration I could see in my head so that others would be inspired too.


Examples of some of my collections.

My collections

My first twelve collections were themed around today’s fashion trends and vintage inspirations. I have created collections based around modern-day style icons Kate Middleton and Kate Moss, as well as an animal print collection that is inspired by celebrity style. The legendary style and elegance of Grace Kelly is the focal point for another collection, think ladylike gloves, Kelly style bags and 1950s ball gowns.

I have also created collections which have a vintage feel, but are based on modern television and movie creations. There is a beautiful collection where all the pieces are related to Downton Abbey – flapper dresses, feather headbands and delicate beaded purses. The ladies of Mad Men get their own collection, as does the style of the movie American Hustle, meaning that the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s are all represented. The men are not forgotten either, Mod is back is dedicated to Harrington Jackets, Fred Perry shirts, and everything else that could be considered ‘Mod’.


Inspiration Kate Middleton


Inspiration – Kate Moss

Inspiration - Quadrophenia

Inspiration – Quadrophenia

And then there are fabric themes, with ‘denim dreams’ showcasing everything from dresses to dungarees. ‘Leather and Lace’ has the two fabrics both combined, and on their own in a range of gorgeous fashion finds.

Finally I focused on colour. There is a board dedicated to classic Monochrome Madness, featuring lots of beautiful pieces in black and white. To balance the sharpness of the monochrome collection, I added a sorbet style beautiful collection full of this season’s Ice Cream Shades, pretty pieces in pink, blue and mint green.


Examples of some of my collections.

I will be continuing to add to my collections in the coming months, and will also be adding three new ones, including one dedicated to holiday season.

It would be great if you would pop by and take a look at my collections, and maybe follow or share them on your social networks. You can find all my collections here.

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Style on the Small Screen featuring Carrie Bradshaw, Mad Men and Hayley Atwell

I must admit to being a bit of a telly addict. (I did consider naming this post Telly addicted, but then I couldn’t get thoughts of Noel Edmonds and his interesting jumpers out of my mind, so I thought better about it.) I watch all sorts of programmes, from Eastenders to Scott and Bailey, from Broadchurch to The Village, and I also love quizzes and documentaries too. But the programmes that will always catch my eye will always have an element of style to them. From the sumptuous early shopping experiences of ‘Mr Selfridge’ and ‘The Paradise’, to the stunning Arena documentary series about Norman Parkinson that was shown  on BBC4 last week, there is always at least one programme per week that is a feast for the eyes of fashionista’s. The good news is that there are currently some great BT Vision Packages available that not only allow you a great range of channels, and the option of accessing BBC I-Player on your TV, but are also currently offering a Sainsburys voucher when you subscribe.

My favourite TV programmes always seem to be playing on a random channel at any particular time. ‘Sex and the City reruns’ are played over and over, but never seem to grow old, Carrie’s style and sass is timeless and never less than relevant. And certain episodes are just so perfect that they are always a joy to watch, in particular Carrie Bradshaw as fashion roadkill in that New York fashion show (with Heidi Klum of course), or the ‘The Way We Were’ break up with Mr Big.

Another fashion classic is ‘Mad Men’. It is hard to think of a recent series that has been as influential in terms of fashion. Banana Republic has even had a highly successful Mad Men clothing range that has been influenced by the 1960s looks showcased by January Jones, Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks. Megan Draper, as played by Jessica Pare, has added a new dimension with her slightly carefree, younger Pucci print ethic. You can shop all the Mad Men style with a Banana Republic credit card. Mad Men is television where sometimes the plot is of secondary importance to the clothes…and to the dashing Don Draper of course.

There are so many programmes where I sit and drool over the clothes that I have set up a special Pinterest board that is just for stylish television. Recent additions have been the 1930s elegance of ‘Dancing on the Edge’,  Hayley Atwell just killing 1940s dressing in ‘Restless’, and Romola Garai as the ever impeccable Bel in ‘The Hour’.

Bel in ‘The Hour’

Hayley Atwell in Restless

Dancing on the Edge

Do you have a TV programme that has influenced your wardrobe? Let me know your small screen style stars.


Evans – My picks from an AMAZING sale

Loving the online sales? The wait until you visit the Evans sale. This one is absolutely amazing with HUGE reductions on so many items, including the glorious Clements Ribeiro collection. This sale will basically sort out your summer wardrobe, and will then also provide you with items that will see you right into the A/W with ease.

I couldn’t resist dipping into it, getting the Clements Ribeiro ‘Joan’ dress, which can only have been named for the Christina Hendricks character in Mad Men, and I am sorely tempted by so many other items..but I am trying to be good.

So here are my tops picks – but get there quick, these won’t last the weekend.

Swan by Clements Ribeiro Red ‘Joan’ Dress with Sequin Shoulder Embellishment 

Swan by Clements Ribeiro Green Printed ‘Nancy’ Maxi Dress 


Evans Spot Print Prom Dress Was £49.50

Evans Teal Embellished Neck Top Was £35.00 


Evans Floral Print Woven Front Top Was £35.00 

Evans Tribal Print Maxi Dress Was £45.00 

Swan by Clements Ribeiro Matchstick Print Lounge Trousers Was £45.00 

Evans Frill Floral Print Maxi Dress Was £39.50 Now £20.00 

Evans Large Floral Print Maxi Skirt Was £32.00 Now £15.00 

Evans Coral Flower Detail Wedge Sandals Was £35.00 Now £20.00 

To view all the Evans sale, click here.