Guerlain launch La Petite Robe Noire exclusively in Selfridges

Is there any item of clothing more iconic than the little black dress? From Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy eating her breakfast outside Tiffany’s, to an off-duty Marilyn Monroe in Norman Norell, or Princess Diana taking revenge in a whisp of black chiffon, the black dress is able to flatter the wearer whilst seducing everyone else with its allure.

So it is a wonder that it has taken so long to create the essence of the little black dress in a fragrance. But now step forward Guerlain.The legendary perfumer’s created the perfect fragrance called ‘The Little black dress’ as an exclusive fragrance back in 2009 . ‘La Petite Robe Noire’, to give its French name, was originally available only to Guerlain’s most loyal clientele. ‘ . But now, in 2012,  we can all find out exactly what the fuss is about as the seductive new version has hit Selfridges exclusively.  And I have to say ‘The Little black dress’ is both gorgeously fragranced and gloriously bottled.

For me, the overwhelming scent was the rather exotic black cherry. This gives the perfume an intoxicating aura that means this is something you would wear for an evening, or special occasion – this is not a scent for everyday. There is also an undertone of rose, but this is not cloying, sickly or old ladyish as rosey smells can be – instead it is more like a subtle essence that adds to the warmth of the fragrance. Other key notes include tonka beans, Iris, vanilla and patchouli, blended to create a glamorous, grown up fragrance that lingers in the memory.

GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire eau de parfum from £42.00 click to visit Selfridges

The bottle is adorable,a perfect addition to any boudoir, with the prettiest black dress to illustrate this wonderful fragrance. This is any girls dream present, certainly the way to this woman’s heart.

La Petite Robe Noire launched exclusively at Selfridges on 1st June 2012. Click here to view the range.



Madonna launches her first perfume

It’s taken Madonna a long time to come up with her first perfume. After a career that has seen music, film,video, books, clothing for her own line and collaborations with H&M amongst others, it is hard to believe that 2012 has seen the very first fragrance from the Material girl.

Hard to believe, but true. But the Queen of Pop has finally dipped her multi talented feet into the fragrance pond with the launch of Truth or Dare, her first perfume, which is currently available exclusively at Selfridges. Like the recent Stella McCartney fragrance L.I.L.Y, Truth or Dare was inspired by the singer’s mother, who tragically died when Madonna was just six, and whose perfume she carries with her everywhere. “My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume.’ Madonna says. ‘She always smelled like Gardenias and Tuberose’. Madonna wanted to recreate this scent saying that smell “connects us to memory, nostalgia and the ability to dream and fantasize.”

MADONNA Truth or Dare eau de parfum from £25.00

So what is the perfume like? I was lucky enough to be sent some samples and I have to say it is a really lovely, and long-lasting fragrance. It reminds me of the sort of fragrances that were popular during Madonna’s early 1990s heyday – Tendre Poison and Paco Rabanne’s Ultra Violet – both of which are big favourites of mine.  The smell is very musky and the elements of tuberose and gardenia come through very strong, making this a distinctive, pretty floral fragrance. It is also very long-lasting, being eau de parfum it retains a strong scent without needing to be reapplied.

I love the ad campaign,which shows Madonna looking much as she did at the time of the original Truth or Dare documentary/Blonde Ambition tour. I also think Madonna has taken care to make sure you can’t miss the pretty bottle in Store. Rather than glass, Madonna has opted for a  luxuriously classic bottle and box designed in collaboration with Fabien Baron . The whole packaging has to represent the concept of  Truth or Dare by balancing purity with provocation – the white bottle and logo represent truth and spirituality whilst the unexpected beading detail gives the bottle a raw edginess.

The Eau de Parfum starts at £25 for a 30ml bottle, going to £32 for a 50ml and £42 for a 75ml. I think this is really reasonable for eau de parfum. You can also get a shower gel for £14 for an all over scent. All fragrances are available exclusively at Selfridges.

MADONNA Truth or Dare shower gel



The perfume diaries – the sweet smell of Harrods


Chanel No 5

Image by The Style PA via Flickr


Fashion-Mommy was lucky enough to get to see ‘The Perfume Diaries’ exhibition that was showing at Harrods recently, and I am pleased to say that it both looked, and smelt amazing.

Perfume has been with us for a long time, far longer than I would have believed, and the Harrods exhibition was a celebration of this fact. There was a selection of herbs and flowers that go to make up different perfumes, and a selection of vials that you could smell, although some of these were extremely strong, a bit like smelling salts.

Every top brand was featured in the exhibition, which was designed like a timeline to perfume. The perfumes and perfumers were featured in chronological order, and it was surprising to see that some perfumes had been with us for so long.  I love Floris fragrances, and could not believe that this brand had been with us since the 18th century. Je Reviens – a favourite of my mom’s was shockingly revealed as a turn of the century fragrance. Whilst the fabulous Tresor by Lancome has been around since the 1950’s.

There were stunning, original, iconic perfume bottles on display everywhere. These ranged from fab 1950’s ‘Lady Dior’ bottles in coloured glass, Art Deco Lalique bottles for l’air du temps, Schiaparelli bottles designed by Salvador Dai, and my personal favourites, the Lanvin ladies.


Lanvin Ladies


There was a great display to the amazing Elizabeth Arden, one of my absolute heroines. I couldn’t survive without her eight-hour cream, whilst Red Door is a favourite fragrance. I always remember my best friend Dawn wearing ‘Blue Grass’ when we were younger and it is a smell that evokes pleasant memories of youth for me.


pretty dior bottles


The exhibition was extremely pretty, and what made it more so was the additional displays that helped to illustrate the fashion timeline of the each era. There was a beautiful Dior dress to illustrate the 1950’s, along with a giant Ferragamo wedge shoe. There was an original pair of shoes belonging to Judy Garland, and a film which featured Marilyn Monroe, who allegedly slept in Chanel No 5. The 1960’s display sported a stunning 1960’s Pucci dress in a vibrant print, whilst the 1980’s Halston dress in midnight blue sequins screamed the decadence of Studio 54.


Pucci dress - so 1960's.


The modern section showed the rise of the celebrity perfumes, with Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez all featured, along with the immortal Elizabeth Taylor, who kickstarted the celebrity sprays.


Hermes display


At the end of the exhibition, you felt that you needed to buy perfume. Maybe you’d rediscovered an old favourite, or found a new one. Either way, you had to pay a quick visit to the Harrods perfume department on your way out…