Finding your perfect glasses with Perfect Glasses

I am in the odd one out in my family. My mom, sister and brother all wear glasses due to poor eyesight (although Mom does venture into contact lense territory at times.) My dad wears glasses for reading too, so the only person who doesn’t wear glasses is me, which, I have to be honest, sometimes leads to me feeling a little left out. Because where, once upon a time, glasses were something to be dreaded, with thick frames, even thicker lenses and style left at the opticians door, these days this is so not the case.

Today glasses, particularly women’s glasses, are a stylish addition to any look or outfit. Rather than the much maligned NHS versions, we now have an array of designer glasses from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Polaroid and Gucci, all of which are so stylish that they will have you wishing they were filled with plain glass so you could wear them anyway. In addition, these days you are not limited to walk ins at the optician to choose your glasses. Once you have your prescription, you are able to buy your glasses from a range of online suppliers too.

Perfect Glasses  is one such site. It has a wide range of glasses, from designer frames, men’s and women’s designs and sunglasses, both prescription sunglasses and designer frames that can also come with clear glass (hurray!). The Perfect Glasses site is really easy to navigate, and I love the extra large images of the glasses that show them from every angle.

The descriptions of the glasses are clear and give their dimensions, as well as stating all the lenses they are compatible with. They also give you customer reviews of the glasses so you can make an informed decision. Perfect Glasses also allow you to just buy the frames, and have a 90 day, no quibble, money back guarantee just in case the glasses turn out to be not suitable. And if all that isn’t tempting enough, you can currently get 50% off the recommended price with the code PAYHALF.


With glasses starting at just £9, there is a design for every budget, style and taste. Most glasses will be delivered to your door within five days, so you can be enjoying and wearing them in less than a week from ordering. With Summer knocking on the door, the sunglasses option, both prescription and non prescription, are definitely worth a second look due to the fantastic prices.


Have you checked out Selectspecs yet?

Glasses are now a huge expense. Designer frames, different sorts of lenses at additional cost, and then some sort of glasses storage to ensure they don’t become scratched and broken in your handbag means that the cost of being able to see clearly comes at a high price.

Which is why I was very interested when I was asked if I wanted to select a pair of glasses from Selectspecs are an online company offering a huge range of glasses, from designers like Oakley, to sunglasses companies like Esprit. But what I was interested in economy range of prescription glasses. These were glasses that I remember being the butt of jokes when I was younger, the ‘national health’ Eric Morecambe, Jack Duckworth type of frames. Hardly the sort of thing to appeal to fashionable and stylish women. How wrong can you be?

Savannah Prescription Glasses, 77063 (Blue). £10 

The glasses I chose were the Savannah in blue. A glorious bright coloured frames, these came complete with thin and light lenses at no extra cost. I was just so impressed with these glasses. They are so lightweight that they are comfortable to wear, and the quality is really impressive when you consider the price in relation to other ‘designer’ ranges available. In addition, they look great, I’m loving the bright coloured frames, and with this price point, you would be able to choose others in different shades to match different outfits.

The glasses also come in a rather stylish carry case, again, unbelievable when we are talking just £10 for the glasses. One point I would make is that you need your recent prescription in order to choose your glasses, then you can customise your glasses.

To view all the economy range of click here.