Sainsbury’s launch ‘Love You Assets’ by Spanx

At the end of last year, Sainsbury’s launched a new shapewear collection with the ultimate experts in this field, Spanx. The collection promised to offer body-shaping solutions to women of all shapes and sizes, enabling the wearer to both look and feel body confident. The collection has been designed by Spanx’s Queen of Shapewear, Sara Blakeley, and I was really excited by the opportunity to try some of the pieces from the collection.


I freely admit to wearing shapewear. I am most definitely in the plus size category when it comes to clothes, and my key problem area is my stomach. I always carried weight here, even when I was younger and slimmer, and after having a baby, I found it difficult to shake off the ‘jelly belly’.  Recent weight loss which has reduced my dress size by two sizes has helped, but this is still the area I consider a problem. Tie into this a tendency to like form fitting dresses and pencil skirts, and you get the perfect volunteer to try out the ‘Remarkable Results high waist mid thigh’ shorts.

SHAPWEAR shot croppedI was sent this pair of shorts in size large, and on first glance I couldn’t believe how small they looked. My initial comment was ‘I will never get these on’, but the combination of spandex and the inner power mesh means that these are surprisingly stretchy. You do need to maneuver yourself into them (quite funny if anyone happens to be watching) but once they are actually on they are very comfortable – you can basically forget you are wearing them.

But what a difference they make. I instantly felt pulled in and lifted. I loved the fact this finished under the bra, making it feel like a sexy all-in-one, and, quite apart from the inches lost, and the noticeable difference these shorts made to my stomach and waistline,  I loved how neat it made the lines of my dress. There were no visible panty lines ending at one point, and the top of your tights at another, just a totally smooth look.


Without the shapewear – a rather rounded tum.


With the shapewear – a noticeable difference.


From the front – no lumps or bumps from underwear when wearing the shapewear.

The Remarkable Results High Waist Mid Thigh come in at the very reasonable price of £30. This is a great investment, especially if you would like to wear more form-fitting fashion, but lack the confidence to do so. These would also be easy to wear under jeans and trousers – the lack of seams means no-one needs to know your little secret.

The Lingerie Buying team from Sainsbury’s answered some more of my questions regarding the shapewear. Here are some more snippets in a five minute chat with the experts.

Q. What are the inspirations behind the Love Your Assets collection?
Obsessed with inventing comfortable, slimming garments that minimize figure flaws, Sara and the Spanx team created ASSETS® by Sara Blakely to help women everywhere experience the power of shapewear, by providing a focused range of body-shapers.

What makes Love Your Assets different from other shapewear collections?
ASSETS products are infused with the know-how and technology only the SPANX shaping experts can provide! ASSETS products offer solution-oriented shapewear so all women have the opportunity to experience the Spanx magic.

What does the collection promise to do?
ASSETS delivers a focused range of body-shaping solutions to help women look great and feel fabulous in your clothes. At Spanx, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and deliver on our mission to help women feel great about themselves and their potential. We’re thrilled to offer women in the UK clever body-slimming innovations that offers fashion-relevant shapewear pieces that every woman needs in her arsenal of slimming tricks.

How does the shapewear work?
We think of Spanx as the perfect canvas underneath your clothes. Our products give women confidence knowing they look great! ASSETS shapewear smooths everything out and hides unwanted bumps and blemishes without a visible panty line.


Christmas Party Dresses

First comes the Coco Cola adverts, then the building of the Christmas markets, and finally the countdown to our big Christmas party…getting into the Christmas spirit can be exciting or daunting. But as long as you can be super organised this can be a very magical time of the year.

Shopping lists of food, drink, presents and decorations start to accumulated, and some of us leave very little time to take time out for ourselves and start browsing for something extra special for us to wear in the run up to Christmas. Our gym memberships have been misused, our cupboards are filling up nicely with yummy foods and the wine racks are bulging with booze. It’s the season of indulging, so why not indulge in treating yourself to something special to wear for your Christmas party.

I think it’s fair to say that we all normally add a few pounds over the festive period, so be sure to wear something, glamourous yet comfortable, and festive not frumpy. Let’s start off with your undergarments, if you’ve not added shapewear underwear to your Christmas list yet, it’s a must have item for this season. Shapewear is designed to give you a slimmer silhouette and hide any lumps and bumps that may need ironing out under your sexy dresses.

Stay away from bodycon dresses unless you’re feeling uber confident, and stick to special going out dresses that accentuate your curves and flatter your figure. Forever Unique have an array of special occasion dresses that suit all different body shapes and sizes, whether you’re a pear, apple or diamond shape, they have many different dress to suit all occasions.

xmas party dress

The most important element of all party dresses is adding your accessories. Glam up, dress up, or add a bit of sparkle to your wonderful dresses and make a statement at your office party or your family and friends get together.

Reviewed – F&F Bum and Tum jeans

I have a problem with jeans. I can never find a pair of jeans that fit me properly. I often put this down to being in between sizes and so having to go a size up in order to get the jeans to fit on the waist. But I then find that the jeans seem to be falling down all the time, and hence I spend the day hitching them up again, even when wearing a belt. As a consequence, I think jeans are possibly my least favourite item of clothing.

So when F&F launched a new collection of limited edition shapewear jeans, called the ‘Bum and Tum’ collection, I was desperate to try them and offered my services as a reviewer in double-quick time. I actually quite like my bum, a bit big maybe, but not something I worry about. But my tummy is a different matter. I’ve always carried my extra weight around my stomach, and this got worse after I had my little boy – I never quite got rid of my spare tyre. So a pair of jeans that promised to do something about this seemed a godsend, and a little too good to be true. I couldn’t wait to try them.

F&F Limited Edition Bum and tum bootleg jeans £25

I have to say I am totally overwhelmed with them. They are quite simply the best jeans I have ever worn, and they certainly change the way my body looks in jeans. They have a high-waisted design that I love, feeling snug on my waist without feeling tight or rolling down. The stretch makes them very comfortable to wear – they move with you rather than against you, whilst the indigo is a really dark shade that makes them a smart option for everyday wear or easy to dress up for an evening out. I chose the bootcut design as I always thinks this adds balance to a curvy figure, but these are actually quite straight legged and look just great with heels and boots.
These jeans do give your tummy the appearance of being flatter, I instantly felt slimmer wearing them. I am now planning to order the skinny version – I have just started to wear skinny jeans and I think a high waisted, stretch version will be just the ticket for those school run to shopping trips I’m going to have to do this year. The jeans come in a black version as well as the traditional indigo, and I think these would be smart enough to wear in the workplace.

F&F Limited Edition Bum and tum skinny jeans £25 

How I styled mine