Sainsbury’s launch ‘Love You Assets’ by Spanx

At the end of last year, Sainsbury’s launched a new shapewear collection with the ultimate experts in this field, Spanx. The collection promised to offer body-shaping solutions to women of all shapes and sizes, enabling the wearer to both look and feel body confident. The collection has been designed by Spanx’s Queen of Shapewear, Sara Blakeley, and I was really excited by the opportunity to try some of the pieces from the collection.


I freely admit to wearing shapewear. I am most definitely in the plus size category when it comes to clothes, and my key problem area is my stomach. I always carried weight here, even when I was younger and slimmer, and after having a baby, I found it difficult to shake off the ‘jelly belly’.  Recent weight loss which has reduced my dress size by two sizes has helped, but this is still the area I consider a problem. Tie into this a tendency to like form fitting dresses and pencil skirts, and you get the perfect volunteer to try out the ‘Remarkable Results high waist mid thigh’ shorts.

SHAPWEAR shot croppedI was sent this pair of shorts in size large, and on first glance I couldn’t believe how small they looked. My initial comment was ‘I will never get these on’, but the combination of spandex and the inner power mesh means that these are surprisingly stretchy. You do need to maneuver yourself into them (quite funny if anyone happens to be watching) but once they are actually on they are very comfortable – you can basically forget you are wearing them.

But what a difference they make. I instantly felt pulled in and lifted. I loved the fact this finished under the bra, making it feel like a sexy all-in-one, and, quite apart from the inches lost, and the noticeable difference these shorts made to my stomach and waistline,  I loved how neat it made the lines of my dress. There were no visible panty lines ending at one point, and the top of your tights at another, just a totally smooth look.


Without the shapewear – a rather rounded tum.


With the shapewear – a noticeable difference.


From the front – no lumps or bumps from underwear when wearing the shapewear.

The Remarkable Results High Waist Mid Thigh come in at the very reasonable price of £30. This is a great investment, especially if you would like to wear more form-fitting fashion, but lack the confidence to do so. These would also be easy to wear under jeans and trousers – the lack of seams means no-one needs to know your little secret.

The Lingerie Buying team from Sainsbury’s answered some more of my questions regarding the shapewear. Here are some more snippets in a five minute chat with the experts.

Q. What are the inspirations behind the Love Your Assets collection?
Obsessed with inventing comfortable, slimming garments that minimize figure flaws, Sara and the Spanx team created ASSETS® by Sara Blakely to help women everywhere experience the power of shapewear, by providing a focused range of body-shapers.

What makes Love Your Assets different from other shapewear collections?
ASSETS products are infused with the know-how and technology only the SPANX shaping experts can provide! ASSETS products offer solution-oriented shapewear so all women have the opportunity to experience the Spanx magic.

What does the collection promise to do?
ASSETS delivers a focused range of body-shaping solutions to help women look great and feel fabulous in your clothes. At Spanx, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and deliver on our mission to help women feel great about themselves and their potential. We’re thrilled to offer women in the UK clever body-slimming innovations that offers fashion-relevant shapewear pieces that every woman needs in her arsenal of slimming tricks.

How does the shapewear work?
We think of Spanx as the perfect canvas underneath your clothes. Our products give women confidence knowing they look great! ASSETS shapewear smooths everything out and hides unwanted bumps and blemishes without a visible panty line.


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