Birkenstocks – The sandals of 2014

When people look back at the summer of 2014 they will see it was the year that the humble Birkenstock made a grand return to the fashion fore. The sandal that has always been known for the levels of comfort and support it provided for the wearer has this year been a bonafide fashion item, as the ‘fugly’ pool slider styles became beloved wardrobe foot fodder of a whole host of fashionable celebs. Style and comfort is a delectable combination, and I have to admit, one that I have succumbed to.

Celebs love their Birkies


Naomi Watts


Billie Piper


The Olsen’s love their birkies




Jessica Alba

When online shoe brand Shoetique asked if I would like to review something from their Summer collection, I was drawn to the Birkenstocks, even though, in the past, I have had mixed feelings about them. I got my first pair of Birkenstocks in 1999, but had a torrid relationship with them. I went for a single strapped Madrid style in a very pretty pink, but they just weren’t pretty enough for my younger self, and so I rarely wore them.

But fast forward 15 years, and as a mom of an active five year old, constantly on my feet and with the a busy six weeks holiday to look forward to, Birkenstocks now look a far more attractive proposition. And the different celebrities wearing them have shown that they are surprisingly versatile, looking cool with a whole range of outfits. I was more than happy to give them a try.




I once again went for a Madrid, single strap design, just a personal choice as there are also double strap and toe post versions. I was always a fan of 70s Scholl designs, and I think there is some resemblance. I chose a gorgeous red patent colour way. This is now out of stock at Shoetique, but you can still get black patent and a lovely Ice Pearl Onyx design in the current sale. (These are a total bargain now, £31.95!).

With Birkenstocks I would say stick to your usual size, and don’t worry that they appear to be bigger than you would expect. Your feet shouldn’t reach the edges of the shoe, but should instead sit in the foot-bed,  which is leather coated and anatomically formed of cork-latex. This provides support in all the right places. In addition, the sole is built of shock absorbing, textured EVA which means added grip and comfort for your foot.


T-shirt M&S (click here to view, and for more colours
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Birkenstocks Shoetique


A country walk in the Birkenstocks

The key to Birkenstocks is to wear them in, they may feel a little strange at first and not instantly comfortable, but once they have moulded to your feet they feel like bliss! Just so comfortable, the sort of thing you can wear, and walk in for hours. I have worn these for the school run, playing football with the little boy and long country walks and am totally sold on them. They are, quite simply, the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn, and will now be a summer staple in my wardrobe.

To view the current range of Birkenstocks on offer at Shoetique, click here.

*I was sent a pair of Birkenstocks from Shoetique to review. All thoughts are my own, I was not paid for this review.

New Season FitFlops

Ever since Joe, my four-year-old,  started school, I have found myself doing more and more walking. I’ve found that I actually enjoy being in the great outdoors and getting around as much as possible by foot. In addition, school holidays are often spent chasing after a bike, being stuck in goal or generally traipsing around an assortment of zoos, museums and theme parks. By some quirk of fate, I’ve become an outdoorsy type.

And therein lies the problem. All this walking and running around is playing havoc with my feet, especially as I’ve never been sensible in the shoe department. I prefer heels whenever possible, having never learned my lesson from the fact that high heels led to me breaking numerous bones in my foot after an unfortunate accident involving a seat-belt and a car-park (use your imagination!).  Although I have now grown fond of flats, I still veer towards the pretty ones rather than the most comfortable or the most (shudders) sensible ones. And don’t even think of mentioning trainers to me…

But fab shoe specialists Shoetique may just have a solution to the problem of my sore tootsies….Fit Flops! I’ve been hearing a lot about these little shoe miracles from quite a few of the moms on my school run, and now I’ve found some Fitflop shoes and boots that I think may be worth a little investment.

 FitFlop Boots FitFlop Crush Brown Sugar Now From £119.95 click to visit Shoetique

FitFlop Boots FitFlop Crush Brown Sugar
Now From £119.95 click to visit Shoetique

Fitflops have been described as ‘Caffeine for your feet’. The ‘wobbleboard’ midsoles help to lessen the pressure on your feet by distributing it more evenly around the foot, and additional support around toe caps means that you can maintain speed and pace, whilst the wobbleboard technology also helps you to avoid calf strains and pressures from joint stress.  That is all fabulous news if you are using walking as a way of keeping fit, and the great news is that the Fitflops also look pretty good too.


 FitFlop Shoes Due Patent Inky Blue Now From £49.95 click to visit Shoetique

FitFlop Shoes Due Patent Inky Blue
Now From £49.95 click to visit Shoetique

 FitFlop Shoes Due Patent Nude £84.95 click to visit Shoetique

FitFlop Shoes Due Patent Nude
£84.95 click to visit Shoetique

 FitFlop Shoes Due M-J Black Nubuck £84.95 click to visit Shoetique

FitFlop Shoes Due M-J Black Nubuck
£84.95 click to visit Shoetique

 FitFlop Shoes Due Punch Pink £84.95 click to visit Shoetique

FitFlop Shoes Due Punch Pink
£84.95 click to visit Shoetique


The latest range of Fitflops come in a great range of colours , including a stunning coral shade that is just gorgeous. The style is very similar to flatforms, and so look great with jeans for a more casual look. There are also more dressy versions in nu-buck leather and glossy patent leather that enable fitflops to also be worn for more formal occasions and as work wear. There are even fitflop boots that will be perfect for freezing mornings on the school run, keeping your feet comfortable and warm ,and your body upright, even when conditions turn slippy.

I’ve been converted to the idea of Fitflops, and can’t wait to try my first pair. What do you think?