5 Reasons To Love Sheer And Silk Lingerie

There are a hundred and one kinds of women’s underwear out there on the market. This is to account for different people who have different tastes and want underwear that is comfortable, or seductive, or even a bit of both..

Some may choose the types they prefer due to the best color, the material with which they are made, the price, or maybe they prefer it due to how it appears once they give a trial fit.

There are a million reasons as to why you should choose silk lingerie as your undies of choice/ It may it be that you are buying it for your partner or maybe you need to experience the luxurious softness and beauty that all women talk of.

There is quite a range of colorful and classy nightwear out there. However, once it involves Silk underclothes, an expensive feeling against the skin and classic silhouettes are what sets it aside from alternative varieties.

Therefore here are the five good reasons as to why you should love a sheer and silk lingerie.

  1. It is an all-season fabric

Silk is an all-time sleepwear fabric, you don’t have to worry about how to change or wear different inner silk lingerie during different seasons. The fabric is known to be warm during winter seasons and comfortably cool during summers when environmental temperature are high.

Silk lingerie highly outdoes other fabrics clothes when it comes to seasons. Furthermore, they are very sleek and sheer in such a way that they are not bulky at all, thus the comfort of them is irresistible.

  1. Available in multiple designs

Different woman prefers in different clothes at different times, chemises, robes, gowns or any other style, all can be popular. Perhaps they want something that drapes off the body during summer or a more fitted garment during winter.

Ladies may want to choose their silk lingerie based on occasion, such as an anniversary, honeymoon, or intimate moments with their partner. They should choose something that they feel comfortable and confident in.

All you need to do is choose that what pleases you.

  1. Silk is Hypoallergenic

Being hypoallergenic is one factor as to why you should choose silk lingerie. Safe and smooth for the skin!

Furthermore, it requires less or no treatment with chemicals like other sleepwear do to achieve the luxurious look and smooth feeling factor. For the few whose skin is very sensitive, you have all the reasons to love silk lingerie since it won’t be irritating on the skin.

  1. Silk is Durable

Silk lingerie is known for its durable longevity for years. This is because silk fibers are among the few strongest natural textile fibers in the world, commonly known to be made from high-quality silk fibers.

Some of us get lucky to find that single piece that we may have been looking for ages. You’ll never have to worry about frequent wear and tear with silk lingerie.

Therefore, due to its durable nature, you’ll have your silk in your closet forever.

  1. Silk Shimmers and Shines

You’ll feel so good glowing in your outfit like a queen. Wearing silk makes you feel special and appreciated. Silk has a natural luster that makes you shimmer and shine.

This helps you to feel confident and you’ll fall in love with your silk day and night. There is no better feeling than to be comfortable in what you wear.

Linea – Two New Season Looks

Linea is one of House of Fraser’s most successful lines. Full of classic pieces that successfully fuse fashion and elegance, the collection is one which adds gravitas to your wardrobe, these are pieces that you can wear forever. Neat shifts, tailored jackets and beautifully bright silk shirts and blouses are the order of the day – think the elegance of Kate Middleton, Helen Mirren and Kristen Scott Thomas, rather than the rock n roll edge of Kate Moss.

I have been challenged to put together an outfit for Linea, but have decided to show you two looks, one for the workplace and one for a night out. This was difficult to do as I loved so many items, but here are my key picks from this collection.

Daytime Bright

I would make this gorgeous bright silk shirt the basis of my collection. The colour is so lovely – a really colour pop that will lift any outfit, and would actually look great with skinny jeans. But for this look I am going to team it with a black skirt for a smart daytime look. This pleated one is still a huge fashion story – pleats seem to have become a wardrobe mainstay, and I like the knee length. To complete the look, I would add a colour clash cardigan to ward out the autumn chill. I’ve opted for this jewel emerald shade, but royal blue would look equally stylish. And to finish the look, I love Bertie’s ankle strapped Albion shoe, for a touch of 40s glamour. This would make a really gorgeous daytime look for perfect for the Office.

Linea Coloured Shirt Now £ 45.50 click to visit House of Fraser

Linea Pleated skirt Now £ 49.00 click to visit House of Fraser

Linea 3/4 sleeve cardigan Now £ 40.00 click to visit House of Fraser

Bertie Albion Ankle Strap Louis Heel Shoes £ 80.00 click to visit House of Fraser

And for evening

You can again use that amazing yellow shirt, it is just so glamorous it could easily make the transition from smart daywear to hot evening look. Add a gorgeous pair of cigarette pants in electric blue, and finish the luck with an amazing pair of leopard print mega heels from Steve Maddon.This is a look that is perfect for a night out with friends in a hot new bar, just added a studded clutch and lipstick and you are ready to go.

Linea Cigarette pant Now £ 49.00 click to visit House of Fraser

Steve Madden Boldd Sm Studded Platform Court £90 click to visit House of Fraser

To view all the Linea collection, click here.

Preeti design – Definitely one to watch!

I am an absolute Twitter devotee, not ashamed to admit it. One of the main reasons for this is that, as well as the chatting and celebrity following, you get the chance to discover new designers, companies and products that may not, as yet, have reached the High Street. I recently made a new discovery which I am eager to share with  Fashion-Mommy readers. Allow me to introduce Preeti design!

Preeti is an internet treasure trove of beautiful fashion accessories and jewellery that have been inspired by, and made in, India. Preeti’s founder, Rosie Gregory, has a love affair with the colour and culture of India that she experienced first hand whilst living in the country. She founded Preeti design in 2009, and her first collection in 2010 was a tribute to the beautiful and vibrant country. Now launching the new collection, Rosie says;- “With a passion for India, its colour, culture and excitement, my aim with the new collection was to create beautiful and functional products that are completely Indian in their makeup but western in design. Each of our products is lovingly handmade by talented women in the villages of India and Preeti Design supports these women to work from home while managing their own time.”

I must admit to being totally in love with the glorious Jethi bags that are perfect for weekend breaks. The vibrant flowers are just perfect for summer getaways, and the colours are just stunning,

The Borie bags are wonderful fun, and show a real feel for the history of India. They are based on two key icons of Indian life, using the rice sack for the main body and beautiful sari fabric for the trim. I love this pink trimmed one! These cost just £20 a real  bargain for something that is both pretty and quirky.

Preeti also stock a range of beautiful jewellery items that provide something unusual for your jewellery collection. The glass bangles are a bargain at just £8 in a range of colour combinations, whilst the silk necklaces are each totally unique, hand-made and plaited from sari silk.

I love the colour and passion of Preeti, a company with a conscience and a vision that creates beautiful things inspired by a beautiful country.