Glastonbury Fashion: Greatest Hits

The greatest festival of them all returns this weekend, as Glastonbury makes a welcome comeback after its year off. Kylie is just one of the people on the bill, and it looks like it is going to be a scorcher. But, as important as the music is, the fashion and style sported is as eagerly anticipated.

Glastonbury style is a style all of its own. Unlike Coachella, we rarely get the weather, in fact, at times, it can be a total washout, so Glasto style is often built around a pair of Hunter Wellies. Army fatigues and khaki are also popular, and a DIY pair of denim hot pants seem to be almost obligatory.

Glasto style is all about the boho. Flowers for the flowing hair, beads and chains, and t-shirt that have been customised are also very popular. Due to the mood, white is a colour to be avoided, and most Glastonbury looks have a level of dishevelment about them that just make them more fascinating.

Below I have put together some of my favourite Glastonbury style icons, including Kate Moss, who seemed to single handedly invent Glasto style in the 1990s, Sienna Miller, the original queen of boho chic, and Jo Whiley, who basically always looks cool and immaculate, and is the real Queen of Glastonbury. Also featured are Laura Whitmore, Alexa Chung and Dua Lipa’s look from yesterday – she’s definitely one to watch at this year’s festival.

Who is your Queen of Glastonbury? Will you be watching for Kylie, or someone else?

Kate Moss

Alexa Chung

Sienna Miller

Laura Whitmore

Jo Whiley

Millie Mackintosh

Stella Macartney

Dua Lipa

So there you go. I can’t wait to see the styles this weekend brings. I’m off to a festival myself this weekend, a Sausage and Cider festival in Derbyshire, so if you follow me on Insta, have a look where I got my inspiration from.

Get Your Festival style sorted

Festival season will soon be upon us, and this year sees the biggie back, with Glastonbury once again promising to be memorable. Festivals are a great mixture of great style, great music, and, notoriously bad weather, but they are a part of Summer to enjoy and savour, whether you go for a single day or enjoy the whole camping/glamping experience.

Festivals in the UK are as famous for the inclement weather as they are for the music, and weather does tend to govern festival fashion. Unlike Coachella, white is never a good idea at British festivals, one downpour and that lovely fresh field becomes a total quagmire. That said, there have been some amazing festival fashion over the years, with Kate Moss being the reigning Queen of festival fashion, but with the likes of Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and Millie Mackintosh also showing us how it’s done.

Festival style

Glastonbury Festival

Florence Welch


Kate Moss


Alexa Chung


Lily Allen


Millie Mackintosh

British festival style is a cool mixture of Hunter Wellies, cut off denim hotpants worn with either shabby chic knitwear, tie and die, or vintage cotton. The aim of the look is to be eclectic, this mish mash of styles works to create a look that is both unique and practical, whatever the weather decides to throw at you.


Camping or Glamping?

Festivals often mean camping, with most festival goers setting up their own tents for the duration. But, if like me, camping is not your thing, and you prefer home comforts and luxury whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the festival, then maybe glamping is a better option for you.

The Yurtel Steanbow experience is the most luxurious way to experience Glastonbury this year, the one that I am sure Kate Moss would well appreciate. From deluxe bell tents, to Yurts full of home comforts, to the absolute creme de la creme, the luxury suites that come complete with cosy rugs, a shower room and front decking from which to enjoy the views of Glastonbury Tor, the experience allows you to enjoy all the fun of the festival, but to then chill out with Spa treatments, and to enjoy a la carte dining with not a dodgy burger in sight.

This is definitely the way to enjoy Glastonbury if you are just there for the music, and want to avoid the burger vans, portaloos and too much mud.

Are you going to a festival this year? Will you be camping or glamping?


RIP Anita Pallenberg

This week saw the death of the ultimate rock chick. Anita Pallenberg, famously the lover of both Brian Jones and Keith Richard (and possibly Mick Jagger) died at the relatively early age of 73. But boy, had she packed some life into those 73 years, both as a model, an actress and a fashion muse whose style we see every festival season.

Anita was a German born model who took Swinging London by storm in the mid 60s. Her relationship with Brian Jones was turbulent and violent, but she also introduced him to culture and the arts, but after a particularly bad night which saw Brian beat Anita, she fled with Keith Richard, starting a relationship which lasted 12 years.  She starred in the film Barberella with Jane Fonda, and also Performance, where she allegedly had sex with Jagger on Camera in front of both Richard and Marianne Faithful – her close friend and the girlfriend of Jagger.

Anita was considered wild and dangerous – did she really practice black magic arts? She certainly did enough drugs to kill a normal person, and eventually it was the drugs that killed her relationship with Keith, especially when a teenage boy died in her hotel room. The 1980s were not a good time for the one time rock goddess, but she emerged in later years to continue her role as a fashion and acting muse.

Anita was beautiful, stylish and exuded cool in her rock chick style. Acres of scarves, mannish waitcoats, drainpipe jeans, furry gillets, floppy, foppish hats, gold lame worn in a slightly decadent and dishevelled style, Anita carried it all off with aplomb. She inspired her friend Marianne to cast off her slightly twee look, and between them they become the cool face of London, not dolly birds, but true fashion inspirations that we still look too 50 years on. It was boho, it was luxe, it was rock and roll. It cemented her place as a icon of fashion and music.

RIP Anita, the World will be a duller place without your sparkle.

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