Protecting Our Eyes from Technology

I think it is fair to say that the Millennial generation are far more health conscious than previous generations have been. We understand the need to eat healthily and exercise regularly. We know about the dangers of drinking to excess and smoking, with many now ditching traditional cigarettes for e-cigs or vaping. We worry about polluting our planet, recyling our plastic bottles and rubbish, and reusing our carrier bags, generally trying to look after ourselves, whilst looking after our planet at the same time.

And yet, in our work lives, in our home downtime, and even when we are using our ever present smartphones, we over expose ourselves to electronic screens, without ever really thinking about the dangers we are also exposing ourselves to.

There is a specific danger that can come from our mobiles, our laptops and our tablets. It is called blue light. Blue Light can occur naturally in sunlight, hence the danger of looking directly at the sun. But it can also occur artificially in our LED lighting and digital devices. We look at this particular form of blue light at close quarters, and for far longer periods of time than we spend staring at the sun, when we are working (like I am now), gaming, using our phones and even online shopping (which, let’s face it, can be a real time consuming activity, especially at this time of year). More worryingly, our young children now spend a lot of their time online, using their tablets and laptops and subjecting their young eyes to danger and damage from an early age.

Staring at an unprotected screen can cause our eyes to suffer from digital eye strain which can cause blurred vision, headaches, dry and runny eyes. If your eyesight is deteriorating from looking at screens too much, you may need contact lenses which you can buy from Pure Optical. Blue Light is currently being investigated as a possible cause of permanent retina damage. It can also have a negative effect on sleep. Many of us use our smartphones before we go to bed, and this can effect our ability to both get to sleep, and to then sleep soundly. This, then has the capacity to leave us feeling disorientated and unable to concentrate the next day as we struggle due to lack of sleep.

But there are things that we can do to help protect our eyes. The obvious would be to cut down our usage of our technology, particularly during the evening and before we go to bed. But in the times we live, even school homework is often completed online, and with most office work conducted online, the rise of blogging and gaming, it is clear that for many people cutting down their time in front of some sort of device is not really an option.

Ocushield is one way to lessen the effects of Blue Light. It is a Blue Light screen protector that blocks those harmful lights that come through your screens, without cancelling out the non-harmful ones.Your pictures are still clear, and the Occushield will also protect your screen from cracks and scratches. It fits easily onto a smartphone, tablet or computer screen. It is simple and yet effective and is definitely worth checking out.

We will not be giving up our technology anytime soon, but if we limit our usage at night, and then use a blue light screen protector, we will at least keep our eyes safer.

What did we do before Smartphones?

Well, what did we do before iPhones? I think this is a perfectly legitimate question. Because whether we are using them for work purposes, or in our home lives, it seems these days we are never without our iPhones. Once upon a time our mobile phones had a simple use, we used them to contact people when we were out and about, sometimes with a call, sometimes with a text message. They were useful to help us keep in touch, to keep in the car with us in case of breakdowns, or to play a simple game on if we were bored. But that was then.

Today our whole lives seem to revolve around our smartphones, they simply have so many uses beyond just calling someone. For me, as both a blogger and a mother, the iPhone is indispensable. I’ve only recently got my phone from Carphone Warehouse, who were brilliant in showing a true technophobe all the advantages of having a smartphone. Now  I note all my important events on the live calendar so that I no longer have to carry a diary around with me (another heavy book in an already heavy bag). Many a disastrous day has been averted by using my Sat Nav app to find the exact location of a press day or meeting when I am lost in London yet again. And of course, I can follow fashion at all times through various glossy magazine apps which help me keep up to date with breaking fashion and beauty news. Marie Claire has some of the best apps, I really love the Beauty Genius app which has all the latest catwalk hair and beauty trends literally at your fingertips.

I love the fact that you can shop many of the key trends from online stores like from a magazine simply by scanning a code. Reveal magazine has a great weekly feature which allows you to buy items straight from their pages using your phone once you have downloaded a free app. This is great for me because it stops the endless trawls around crowded shopping centres with a grumpy three-year old in tow.

The iPhone is also a mom’s best friend. I can stick a film or cartoon on it when I am taking my little boy on frequent trips to Wales, and that seems to avoid the ‘Are we there yet?’ question that children start saying as they leave their own street. (Film On is brilliant for this), whilst hubby is also kept happy by Sky Sports and ESPN goals apps that mean we keep up to date with all the latest sports news, even when stuck in the heart of Snowdonia.

Joe watching Humf on the iphone 4s

If you haven’t got a smartphone, I can think of far worse things to add to you Christmas list.