Christmas Gift Idea: Beauty Feet – Review and Giveaway

We spend a lot of time on our feet, but they are one of the parts of the body that is most neglected when it comes to giving ourselves a little TLC. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, walking around in bare feet, it has to be said that our feet are not always treated the best and this can lead to hard, dry and rough skin, particularly on the heels.

The SockShop have come up with a rather brilliant, pain free solution in the form of its Beauty Feet socks. These are socks that have a heel pad, that is also an active nourishing pad, containing a patented nourishing formula, a closely guarded Chinese Herbal recipe and Nano-silver. They say:-

Making your feet beautiful is now as easy as pulling on a pair of socks!

The great thing about these socks is that they are very wearable and perfect for everyday wear. They come in classic black which makes them a great work wear, trouser sock. They are also not too thick, so they can be worn with your smartest heeled boots as well as with Uggs and Wellies when it gets very cold.


In terms of effectiveness, 92% of people saw a marked improvement in the appearance of their feet. It is best to give the socks between 7-14 days to completely revive your heels.  The socks work best when you wear them for at least 8 hours a day and are machine washable and remain effective for at least 300 washes.

Beauty Feet would make a great stocking filler, but if you want to try them before Christmas, you can enter the competition below to win.

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Beauty Feet Giveaway

Reviewed – Workforce Socks

Whilst I enjoy the glamorous world of fashion, my other (and many would say better) half works in the much more down to earth profession of loft conversions. So when I was asked if he would be interested in reviewing some very special socks that made the claim to be the ultimate safety sock, I answered in the affirmative very quickly on his behalf. The socks in question were by Workforce, and they seemed the perfect sock to be worn for work, particularly during what was a particularly bad time weather wise.

Workforce create professional workwear. Their WFHP socks claim to be the ultimate safety sock that are able to be hard-wearing and comfortable, but also able to deal with one of the problems for active workmen, hot and sweaty feet. Special ventilation panels were there to aid moisture management, keeping the feet cool and moisture free. This, in turn, helps to keep the feet healthy due to Silverplus antibacterial treatment.

The socks, quite frankly, sounded too good to be true, and with a celebrity endorsement from Ground Force star Tommy Walsh, I was eager for my husband to try them out. And then the snow came down, and boy, did these socks get a real test drive. Sub zero temperatures, treachorous working conditions and lots of the white stuff!

And what was the verdict. Absolutely 10 out of 10. No question. The first thing Hubby commented on was the fact that these socks actually have left and right fittings in the same way shoes do. This means extra comfort – more room for the big toe, snugger around the smaller toes. The Left and Right is actually on the toe part of the sock, ensuring you put them on the right foot.

Comfortwise, these socks are very comfortable. And although they establish that these socks will keep the foot from excessive moisture and sweating, in the icy conditions they also kept the foot warm and snug for the whole of a bitterly cold ten-hour day that had started at 6am. In addition, the socks are sturdy enough to offer real support for the ankle area and the arch of the foot, a really good selling point when the foot is going to be subjected to long hours in steel toe cap boots.

You can purchase Workforce socks from the SockShop, where, as well as gents work socks, there are also socks suitable for hiking and walking, and also ladies socks available too. Visit SockShop here.