Saving Money Shopping At Debenhams

I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday on the subject of shopping. I am most definitely a shopaholic, I love the thrill of moving from shop to shop and being able to find a wide range of bargains. My idea of heaven is still a High Street with a good mixture of stores selling a variety of products. But my friend firmly explained that my idea of heaven is her idea of hell. She elaborated that when she shops, she prefers a traditional department store where she can pretty much shop for the whole family, and for the household, in one visit.  She also feels the same when it comes to online shopping. She would prefer to visit a site like Debenhams where she can find everything she needs and have it all delivered in one easy transaction. The good news is that shopping online in this way can also lead to a whole host of savings, some of which are not available in store.

If you are planning on shopping at Debenhams, I would always recommend that you take a look at the offers and voucher codes that are currently available at My Favourite Voucher Codes. (Debenhams have their own page of offers). Offers are updated on a regular basis and are very varied, they cover all departments and can be money off offers, free delivery options and also updates of all the current sales.  There are also secret voucher codes, and the option of guilt free shopping as My Favourite Voucher Codes donates 20% of its net profits to charity.

I must admit the conversation with my friend did get me thinking about the convenience of doing all my shopping online using just one site. Currently I am shopping for my next Summer holiday which is in Cyprus in June. It also happens to be the destination for my brother’s wedding, so I have quite a checklist of items to buy. This includes a wedding outfit suitable for a very hot climate, new swimwear for myself and Joe, some new sundresses, a pair of sandals with a low or kitten heel suitable for the wedding, and tailored shorts for both Joe and my hubby Pete. After a quick browse it is obvious I can find all of these things at Debenhams, with up to 30% off swimwear and designer dresses, which is pretty handy.

I love the Floozie range by Frost French, in particular the Bardot style swimsuit below which is just so bright and tropical.

Floozie by Frost French Multi-coloured floral print bandeau swimsuit

I also love this strapless printed costume from The Collection. It has tummy control due to a hidden panel in the front, and costs less than £20, making it a very pretty bargain buy.

Beach Collection Navy bird print tummy control swimsuit

In terms of a beautiful dress from my brother’s wedding, Debenhams has so many beautiful dresses that could totally fit the bill.

Star by Julien Macdonald Light pink bardot dress


Principles by Ben de Lisi Pink colour block pleated dress

The fabulous Racing Green Collection, which Ben Fogle has been unveiled as the new face of, is full of cool, stylish tailored shorts that would be perfect for a wedding abroad.

Racing Green Natural chino shorts

Look perfect on the beach with a perfect swimming outfit

If you pay attention to what you wear you know you have to be perfectly attired everywhere you go. Whether it is for a formal party, for a social evening or a day at the beach – all eyes are on what you wear. Perhaps this is even more important on the beach because you have to combine style with convenience. It therefore becomes rather important to know exactly how you can shop for swimming outlet. If you are planning on enjoying a little Winter Sun, here are some ways that you can ensure you choose the perfect swimming attire.

Find the seller first

Your search has to start with finding the perfect seller online. Look for people who sell swimming outfits and then look through their websites for:

  • Range of swimwear offered.
  • Prices and compare prices across websites.
  • Images and descriptions of the outfits.
  • Security of payments.
  • Online chat support.

There should also be a return and refund policy so that you can return items that do not suit you.

Size guide

Almost every online seller has a size guide to offer and you should use the same. You may know all your measurements but sometimes, the sizes vary across brands. So before you click on a swimming outfit that you like, you should check the size guides as well. Depending on what you are buying, you should check out the waist size, hip size, length and so on.

Daisy Lowe in Retro style

Daisy Lowe in Retro style

Variety of choices

It is rather interesting to buy swim wear online because you get to buy everything you need for an entire ensemble or wardrobe related to swimming. Some of the things you can look for:

  • Swim Tees.
  • Swimming jammers.
  • Swim dresses and so on.

Once you have made your selections, you can look for accessories that will make your beach time that much more enjoyable. Towels, bags, umbrellas and so on are just some of the things that you must keep in mind.

Shape and style

Swim wear, normally, is a very fitted outfit. There is very little room to hide under! So it is even more important to be realistic about the shape, pattern, size and cut of your swim outfit. Finding the most stylish and comfortable swim suit for your body type is crucial.

There are quite a few help sources but here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Toned and athletic – If you are pretty athletic and toned, then you can go in for bold patterns and prints and even swimwear with frills and embellishments. This principle can be used to choose swimsuit for a thin figure.
  • Asymmetrical necklines and swim suits with side panels in a different color from the rest of the suit works really well for broad shouldered structures.
  • High-waisted styles can help cover up a not-so-well-toned tummy.
  • If the choice needs to be made for a person with a large bust, then look for swimwear with double stitched bands and thicker straps.
Kate Moss Bond Girl style

Kate Moss Bond Girl style

Kim Kardashian opts for a sporty style

Kim Kardashian opts for a sporty style

Finally, it is a good idea to take a critical look at your body before you start shopping. For sure, there are choices that cover every body type so you will find something super-stylish.

Floozie by Frost French – Retro Swimwear

I was  in Birmingham, on my way to an event, and had a little time to kill.  I decided to take a little wonder around the huge Bullring branch of Debenhams. With a holiday fast approaching, I headed straight for the holiday/swimwear collection, and promptly fell completely in love with the range from Sadie Frost and Jemima French, the fantastically named ‘Floozie’. This is a retro inspired collection that could’ve come straight from a range of saucy postcards, totally apt in it’s name.

Floozie by Frost French Blue seahorse print bikini top £21.20

Floozie by Frost French Blue seahorse print bikini top £21.20

Floozie by Frost French Blue seahorse print skirt bikini bottoms £16

Floozie by Frost French Blue seahorse print skirt bikini bottoms £16

This weekend is a good time to take a closer look at Debenhams swimwear if you are sourcing your holiday wardrobe.  You can find a whole series of money off offers and voucher codes for the department store at My Favourite Voucher codes, and these include up to 30% off swimwear. (You can keep yourself further up to date with discounts and money off deals by downloading the My Favourite Voucher Codes App here.)

Floozie by Frost French Blue seahorse print skirt bikini bottoms £33.60

Floozie by Frost French Yellow sunflower halter neck swimsuit  £33.60


Floozie by Frost French
Yellow sunflower halter neck swimsuit

So back to the Floozie collection, and just why I love it so much. This is a collection that is just so kitsch and pretty. With its influences steming firmly from the 1950s, we get a collection that is full of pretty bikini separates, halter neck and skirted swimsuits and bikini bottoms that can only be described (joyfully) as big pants.

Floozie by Frost French Pink hearts high waist bikini bottoms £14

Floozie by Frost French Pink hearts high waist bikini bottoms £14

Floozie by Frost French Pink hearts frill balcony bikini top £18.55

Floozie by Frost French Pink hearts frill balcony bikini top £18.55

The prints are bright and fun, gorgeous yellow sunflowers and polka dots, and my personal favourite print – pink seahorses. There are also some stunning accessories too, with pack flat beach bags and sunflower flip flops, thin, floaty kaftans and 70s style floppy hats. I can honestly say that there isn’t a piece in this collection that I don’t love with a passion.

Floozie by Frost French Pink heart tote bag £17.50

Floozie by Frost French Pink heart tote bag £17.50

Floozie by Frost French White cold shoulder kaftan dress £27.20

Floozie by Frost French White cold shoulder kaftan dress £27.20

Take a look and take advantage of this weekend’s discount. Don’t forget, if you do visit Debenhams through My Favourite Voucher Codes, they will donate 20% of all profits to charities. By using their voucher codes you’re donating to charity – shopping and all for a good cause.

Happy weekend!