Weathering the storm – grab your Wedge Wellies

I’ve been a little obsessed with Wedge Wellies since I first spotted them on Dragon’s Den. The idea of a stylish Wellington boot that could also offer the height, and the glamour of a wedge heel was something that really appealed to the side of me that hates flat shoes.  In the years since that Dragon’s Den episode, the not so humble boots have moved on from strength to strength. And, with the UK facing some extreme weather conditions this week involving the possibility of flooding, it seems appropriate to pay tribute to the force of shoe nature that is the Wedge Welly.


Wedge Wellies offer so much in the way of pattern and style, giving you real options when it comes to matching your wellies to the rest of your wardrobe. Because, let’s face it, if we end up with anything like the snow of last winter, we will be wearing those boots quite a bit as we make our way to work, do the school run and generally try to make our way around in some decidedly dodgy conditions. The Wedge Welly, with its use of shiny patent and croc patterns, and gorgeous prints that range from sexy animal designs to cute Scottie Dog prints, have cornered the market in making wellies fun and fashionable.

 MANEATER FLEX Black  £ 44.99 click to visit Spartoo

£ 44.99 from Spartoo

Wedge Welly Freedom Unique Rain Boot £39.99 click to visit Spartoo

Wedge Welly Freedom Unique Rain Boot £39.99 from Spartoo

Wedge Welly Duchess Flex Wellington Boot £35.99 click to visit Spartoo

Wedge Welly Duchess Flex Wellington Boot £35.99 from Spartoo

If the fabulous designs haven’t tempted you to invest in a pair of Wedge Wellies, then the lure of great quality should do the trick.  Made from High Content Rubber that make them hard wearing and durable, these boots are 100% waterproof, with many also coming with adjustable side strap. There are also designs available in wide fit, if, like me, you have more muscular or fleshy calves. All, in all, there are designs that suit absolutely everyone – even those who don’t actually like wedge heels!


 MISS LOVELY WIDE FIT   £ 24.99 click to visit Spartoo

£ 24.99 from Spartoo

 LEGEND UNIQUE Black  £ 39.99 click to visit Spartoo

£ 39.99 from Spartoo

 MISS CHIC WIDE Black / White  £ 27.99 Click to visit Spartoo

Black / White
£ 27.99 from Spartoo







Made in Chelsea – Cheska Hull style

There are lots of debates raging around which is the best docu-soap on TV at the moment. Is the ‘The only way is Essex’ complete with fake tans, fake boobs and the worst fake acting ever, or is it ‘Made in Chelsea’, the posh version of Essex, where all the characters have strange names that sound like something you would call a gerbil and hedge funds? In my eyes there is no competition. I’m totally addicted to Made in Chelsea, and in particular, to the style of a trio of ultra- gorgeous girls, the incomparably named Caggie Dunlop, Cheska Hull and Millie Mackintosh. These girls now how to mix their labels with a smart smattering of High Street style, and have the sort of glossy hair that should have L’Oreal falling over themselves to get them to advertise shampoo. They also have the golden, healthy glow that you get after a winter ski-trip. I am going to blog about all three of these girls, starting with Cheska.

Cheska always looks amazing. A sort of mini Jemima Khan crossed with Sienna Miller, Cheska always seems to look great, whatever the event she is attending. Cheska has one of those wardrobes you would just love to rummage in, combining a mixture of luxe vintage pieces, a smattering of leopard print and fabulous maxi dresses. Cheska seems to like extremes of length, full length and fabulous, or thigh skinning shorts and skirts that show off her coltish legs. I particularly love the silver sequinned dress she teamed with wellies for the Polo,this has a Kate Moss feel during her glamorous Glastonbury phase, whilst the beautiful full length evening gown is decidedly gothic, perfect for this season’s dramatic trend.

Get Cheska’s look

Cheska is a huge fan of Zatchels, the  luxury, British  Leather satchel brand, and has been seen carrying two designs recently. I love this gold version, which is really versatile and could be teamed with just about anything…imagine this with a smart tuxedo jacket! The gorgeous dress is from Lipsy, and is still available on their website, click here to view.

Zatchels Metallic Gold Leather Satchel from £99 click to visit

Cheska has also been spotted with the baby blue version of the Zatchel (my absolute favourite one!), showing she has interesting and impeccable taste when it comes to choosing a bag,

Zatchels Pastel Baby Blue Leather Satchel from £76 click to visit

Cheska is also a fan of leopard print maxi dresses, for daywear and for evening events. There are many examples of this sort of dress available at the moment, ranging in price points.

Cheska is also a huge fan of the glorious Wedge Welly. These are amazing because they have all the advantages of a normal welly, but let you feel more glamorous due to that special wedge heel, Cheska often sports the croc effect pair featured below.

Barratts Wedge Welly £45 

In terms of jewellery, Cheskahas impeccable taste. She is a  huge fan of the amazing Zara Taylor designs that fans of fashion mommy know that I also adore. In the series she was seen wearing the vintage jewels and tassle necklace that was made from a complete set of vintage components.

Zara Taylor Vintage Jewels and tassel necklace 

In the picture Cheska is also wearing a Tresor Paris Shamballa bracelet. These are hugely popular at the moment and cost £150 from the Tresor website. (click here to visit Tresor Paris). There are also some fantastic versions available on the net for those with a slightly tighter budget. Terry Terry accessories have an amazing range in an array of colours for £45.

Diamante Shambala bracelet £45 click to visit Terry Terry