The best Christmas present ever

What is your best Christmas present ever? Currys have recently been asking this question and have come up with a list of the top ten greatest gifts of all time. These include the most expensive, which is apparently artwork that Roman Abramovich presented to his then future wife Dasha Zhukova (more than 61 million natch), and the most Romantic (David Beckham and a Bulgari necklace). You can view the complete list of the greatest, most expensive, most unusual, and even the most ridiculous gifts here. But I have to say my most wonderful gift was a Christmas surprise that money just couldn’t buy.


My most precious, wonderful Christmas present is my little boy Joe. He was never meant to arrive for Christmas, his due date was 29th January, but due to pre-eclampsia, Bells Palsy and general ill health he arrived on 17th December, a little small but healthy, with a whole lot of hair, a big set of lungs and just about the most beautiful face I had ever seen.





Suffering from the effects of Bells Palsy but still so blessed.

Even the fact that Christmas started to edge ever closer and I was still in hospital, in a virtually empty ward, couldn’t take the shine of what is the most wonderful gift you can ever receive at any time, the gift of new life. I was eventually allowed home at around 10pm on the 23rd of December, whilst Joe had to remain in hospital for a further 6 days, so this became the strangest Christmas with much time spent to-ing and fro-wing between home and the neo-natel unit.

CIMG0782On Christmas Day, my whole family visited Joe in hospital. It was such a joyous occasion – the nurses had dressed Joe in his special Christmas day outfit of jeans and his very first Christmas top, and had also left us a gift on behalf of Joe. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, everyone was emotional but totally overjoyed. (I blame my hormones, but can’t speak for anyone else.).  The actual presents meant very little that year – Joe was everything, and he still is. No other gift could compare to that precious little bundle.

With Daddy on his first Christmas Day

With Daddy on his first Christmas Day

And now…


My Joe on Match of the Day last Saturday.

My Joe on Match of the Day last Saturday.




4 thoughts on “The best Christmas present ever

  1. This is so beautiful! It’s so clear your so in love with him. What a perfect Xmas present. Im glad I read this this morning as it’s such a lovely feel good piece that ill be smiling all day, nothing compares to a mothers love

    Umber x

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