Six Handy Tips to Picking a Ring that Matches Your Lady’s Personal Style

Taste in jewellery is highly personal, as is fashion, flair, and style. When shopping for a ring that will be the perfect match for the special woman in your life, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind that will make your task infinitely easier. Asking her outright has its place but the surprise of a wonderfully suited gift makes the gesture much more pleasurable for both the giver and receiver.

Six Tips for Finding the Perfect Ring

  • Personality

How would you describe your lady’s personality? Create a list of her qualities and key attributes. Is she feisty and confident, outgoing, loud, and colourful? Is she an outdoorsy type into horse riding, camping, hiking, or fishing? Perhaps she is more demure, sensitive, elegant, and refined. Does she love cocktail parties and socialising; is she an intellectual? Is she creative, crafty, and a natural decorator? Does she like modern art, abstracts, or classics? Although seemingly unrelated to jewellery, ones personality type often correlates to the appeal of certain jewellery. Sharing this information with a jeweller can also help narrow down the choices. You can find plenty of choices for engagement rings in Brisbane at Ring Leaders. Always go to reputable jewellers, like Ring Leaderes, so you can get the perfect ring for your money.




  • Wardrobe


The key here is being attentive and actually noticing her outfits. For starters just take a close look at the clothes in her closet and her collection of footwear. Pay close attention to colours and styles. Is there a theme that seems to be repeated? Are her outfits more practical and utilitarian, professional and smart, playful and cheeky or flowing, organic, and earthy? Her taste in jewellery will definitely be in harmony with her overall style.



  • Jewellery Box


One of the obvious places to investigate is her current jewellery collection. What kind of items does she already own and which feature heavily in her rotation? Does she have more silver or gold? Does she like glitz and bling or something more understated? Are her rings large and gaudy with lots of stones and elaborate settings or do they appear to be more elegant and minimal? Is there a special ring she wears every day? What does it look like? Try practicing describing it to someone else because unless you have a photograph of it, you will need to describe it to the jeweller to help narrow down your search.



  • Photographs


Think back to some of those really special occasions where she went to a lot of effort to dress to impress. Look through photo albums and notice what kind of jewellery she was wearing; the pieces that are obviously closest to her heart. If certain items of jewellery keep making a repeat appearance you can be sure these are her favourites for a good reason.



  • Best Friends


Usually girlfriends will have talked to each other about the kinds of jewellery they like and often borrow from each other on special occasions. Your lady’s best friend, or perhaps a close sister have probably been out shopping together and tried certain jewellery on in a store. Often women’s magazines have stories about the latest bling and strong opinions can be shared over a cuppa and chat. This information will definitely help you in your quest if you can enlist the aid of a trusted confidante.



  • Share a List


This strategy can be tricky to pull off but can yield all sorts of great information buried in a sea of subterfuge. Perhaps, you can just go for 100% Australian Made Custom Jewellery to make sure that it matches with your lady’s preference. Explain to your lady that you really don’t know all the important things about her that you would like to. Create a questionnaire with a variety of categories designed to help you both know more about each other. It could be old schools, first pets, shoe sizes, first car, favourite colour, bra size, favourite actors, birth stones, and also her ring size. You need to make sure there is so much variation on the list that ring size will not stand out more than anything else or she may become suspicious. If you plan ahead by doing the survey months in advance and buy her some nice clothes or shoes every now and then she probably won’t suspect a thing!
Finding the perfect ring needn’t be difficult but it will take a keen eye and a little detective work. When it comes to buying a ring for that special someone, the surprise factor is definitely worth the small amount of effort involved in getting it right.

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