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I’ve got a confession to make, I’m a secret Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom fan (although not quite so secret now come to think of it.) I actually think it is one of the funniest kids programmes currently on the television, one of those that works on different levels so they appeal to kids and make adults laugh too. Nanny Plum is a total hoot, King Thistle is like every grouchy dad you will ever meet, and Big Bad Barry is a total legend in our house.

Ben and Holly used to be one of Joe’s favourite programmes, and now my beautiful niece Renee is addicted to it, watching it several times daily (if allowed.). So thank goodness for the genius that is Penwizard, who have given Renee the opportunity to star in her very own Ben and Holly adventure, just in time for Christmas.

Your Child's Christmas at the North Pole Hardback £19.99 Softback £14.99 Click to visit Penwizard

Your Child’s Christmas at the North Pole Hardback £19.99 Softback £14.99 Click to visit Penwizard

Penwizard are the creators of a fantastic line of personalised stories that put your child in the thick of the action. Based around well known TV characters like Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig, In the Night Garden and Raymond Brigg’s ‘The Snowman’, the Penwizard team create a range of super new stories that have a brand new character and co-star – your child.


In terms of Renee’s book, I was really impressed With the high quality illustrations, the cute involving story and a real attempt at personalisation that includes using your child’s hair colour and style. This is most definitely a present that would totally delight any Ben and Holly fan if they found it in their stocking or under the Christmas tree on December 25th.

Ben, Holly and Renee

Ben, Holly and Renee

There is still time to order your personalised book, as all orders placed by 15th December will be delivered in time for Santa’s visit. There are also discounts available on the website if you are ordering more than one product.

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