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The start of 2017 has been a particularly bleak chapter in the story of our beloved NHS. We have heard the Red Cross describe the  amount of patients, overcrowding in hospitals and waiting times described as a ‘Humanitarian Crisis’, with figures showing that 2016 saw two and a half million more patients treated in A&E than were treated six years ago. Clearly, we have to think more clearly and carefully about how and when we use or A&E departments.

However, long waits to see our own GPs can often lead to the decision to visit a hospital or a drop-in centre, creating long waits in these departments. But we also have to admit that sometimes we pay visits to our Doctors when we could be self medicating, especially when it comes to minor ailments or illness and viruses. The sort of service offered by The Independent Pharmacy could be another port of call when we are feeling unwell.


The Independent Pharmacy is an online medical service. It has an online doctor who you can talk to about your symptons, you can be offered help and advice, as well as being pointed in the direction of over the counter remedies which can often be as effective as prescribed meds and cost less. There is also a live pharmacy team so you can ask questions related to medication before you choose something.


The Independent Pharmacy also specialises in key areas of health,  including Men’s, Women’s, Sexual and Travel Health and can provide free online consultations via the Online Doctor with a team of GPs & Pharmacist Prescribers for a broad range of ailments, offering convenience, discretion and value alongside excellent customer service. They also have a very useful travel health section, offering advice on medication and innoculations needed when traveling to different parts of the world. This is a non-urgent medical issue, but one which still takes up valuable doctor/patient time which could be used more effectively treating someone who is actually ill.

Ultimately, most of us prefer to see our own GP, but when this is just not possible, or when our complaint is minor rather than serious, using the services of an online doctor or pharmacist may be more convenient for us all and definitely worth a look.


9 thoughts on “The Independent Pharmacy – Advice, Medicine and toiletries

  1. Don’t tell my granny about this she will be installing broadband and getting a laptop STAT! Luckily at 91 she’s in fine health and much to her GPs dismay always manages to get an appointment. I’m at a different GPs and our receptionist almost answer by say No you can’t if you’re that bad go to A&E!!! So this is handy to know about. Not sure where I was going with that LONG comment!

  2. Such a good idea, it’s always good to pop to your pharmacist for a chat because they do a lot of the same modules at uni as a medic/doctor. They are great at linking different symptoms and helps to free up GP appointments.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! Over crowding and long waiting times is such a problem these days! The number of people I hear going to the doctor for an antibiotic because they have a cold bugs me! This is definitely one solution to help with this ever growing issue

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