Three Unusual Holiday ideas

With just one half term left before the annual six week school holidays, a lot of our thoughts are turning towards our Summer holidays. For most of us this will mean visions of time spent on a beach, or sitting around a pool, with good food, cocktails and plenty of fun in the sun. But if you are looking to indulge in something a bit different this year, here are three holiday ideas and experiences that will ensure you have plenty of fun whilst you are also broadening your horizons too.

Swan Valley Wine Tours

If you are heading to Australia, then a Swan Valley Wine tour taken in a stretch Hummer has to be an experience not to be missed.  You can tailor make your tour to suit your tastes, with the Hummers being chaffeur driven and air conditioned, so comfort is paramount. The trip includes a mixture of wineries and breweries, and can also include a Chocolate Factory if you have the sweetest of sweet tooth. Check out Perth Stretch Hummers for more information about this very special experience.

summer holidays, vacation and celebration concept - smiling girls with champagne glasses

summer holidays, vacation and celebration concept – smiling girls with champagne glasses

Family Volunteering with Monkeys in South Africa

If your idea of fun is doing something completely different and worthwhile, then a holiday volunteering at the Primate rehabilitation centre could be just the thing for you. You will work hands-on with baby monkeys and baboons that are being prepared for life in the wild. This could mean preparing food, bottle feeding the baby monkeys and cleaning the enclosures.  This would be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Find out more here.


The Azores

Rather than stick to the Balearic Islands, or the Canaries, how about considering a trip to the Azores? The Mid Atlantic islands are considered one of the best places for Summer Whale watching. The Azores combine beautiful scenary with volcanic landscapes that make them an interesting destination for those who want to tread away from the beaten track. Tie in beautiful hotels, botanical gardens and tea plantations, and you have the makings of a brilliant family holiday.


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  1. My parents took me on a wine tour when I was younger, but I was FAR too young to drink. I had the best grape juice I’ve ever tasted tho! xx

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