HP Instant Ink replacement service – convenience for your printer

There really is nothing worse that having important documents that you need to print off and then finding that your printer is out of ink. Whether it be holiday documents, letters that need to be signed, important forms of any kind, or even something that your child needs for school – an assignment that has to be in the next day maybe, sometimes we need things to be printed out and handed in instantly, but with no ink, this just isn’t happening. Which is why I think the ink replacement service from HP is such a brilliant and convenient idea.

It is also a really simple idea. When choosing your printer, you opt for an eligible ink replacement model. Then you choose a monthly plan – you don’t need to actually know how much ink you use, just an average amount of pages you print each month. The plan is super cheap, starting at just £1.99 for around 50 pages. Then your ink is delivered to your door, with no extra fee for delivery. Your printer actually flags up when ink is low, so your ink gets delivered before you have actually run out, so you are not left in any of those awkward and annoying situations. The cartridges are slightly larger than the average, so you will be using less, and you can then recycle the old empty cartridges too. It is a brilliant and effective plan that will mean you never run out of ink again.



As an ex teacher who was constantly printing things off at home, I can see so many advantages to this plan for anyone who has a home office. Those who have kids who produce work and projects at home will also find this useful, it is also great if you print things like photographs which use more ink than the average letter of document.

You can find out more about HP instant Ink printers and the ink plans here.

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