Enjoying a perfect Father’s Day

Today I am turning the blog over to my husband Peter, who has been invited by Health and Safety training experts SHEilds to talk about what makes a perfect Father’s Day.

This year will be quite a different Father’s Day for me, as I will be spending it in sunny Portugal, hopefully on a glorious beach, or splashing around in the pool with Joe and Em. And, in a way, this is a pefect example of what Father’s Day should be like, because it should be an opportunity for quality time with those you love.

Best photo bomb ever - with my dad and Joe.

Best photo bomb ever – with my dad and Joe.

A perfect Father’s Day would start with a lie-in. I have to get up early most days for work as I often have a distance to travel, and the horrific M6 to negotiate. During football season, I don’t get the chance for a lie-in either, as the weekend means training and matches. But June is slightly quieter, and I do try to catch up on sleep on Sunday’s, so a lie-in, with maybe tea and toast in bed, would be a lovely start to a perfect day.

On the subject of food, dining out is essential for Father’s Day. Emma, by her own admission, isn’t much of a cook, and actually hates cooking, so finding somewhere family friendly that suits everyone, is essential. We tend to invite the whole family,  including Emma’s mom and dad, my dad, Emma’s brother and sister and their partners and child, and even Emma’s brother-in-law’s parents. It is a massive group and a popular venue has been Frankie and Benny’s who actually let dads eat for free on Father’s Day. I love Pasta with meatballs, or a spicy Calzone – good, hearty Italian food that satisfies the stomach and the taste buds.



With my dad and Emma's dad.

With my dad and Emma’s dad.


After lunch, it really depends on the weather. A trip to the park with a football is Joe’s favourite way to spend the day, so this is the sunny option. On a cooler day, a Cinema trip, complete with popcorn and pick and mix is another pleasing way to spend the afternoon. This year, with the Euros in full flight, it will be football all the way.

Ultimately, Father’s Day is about enjoying the company of those you love most, and being thankful for your own dad, and the chance to be a dad. I’m looking forward to spending every minute of it with my little boy.

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4 thoughts on “Enjoying a perfect Father’s Day

  1. How lovely! Football is definitley most father,son/daughter go toos isn’t it 🙂 I’d prefer cinema, pocorn and pic’n’mix like you said on a cooler day but on fathers day I’d make an exeption haha

  2. Aw some lovely photos here! I love Joe’s photobomb! You can’t beat Frankie & Benny’s 🙂
    Hope you have a fab father’s day in Portugal – lucky you!


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