Tips To Update Your Home For When You Get Older

As we get older we need a different kind of home comforts so that we can enjoy living in our own homes. We may not want to lose our independence, but sometimes the place in which we live can become a minefield if we start to struggle in terms of mobility and strength. For some, this can mean moving into a care or nursing home, but for many, we simply need to adapt our home to our new needs.

In this post I am going to look at a few of the updates we can carry out, either for ourselves, or if an elderly relative is moving into our home.

A stairlift

One of the major barriers within our homes when mobility becomes a problem is needing to use the stairs. We need to get to bedrooms and bathrooms, but those 13 steps can be something we simply struggle to use. In this case, we may need to look at stairlift prices in order to take away this particular issue. Stairlifts make those ‘wooden hills’ accessible again and can be applied to pretty much any kind or staircase, from a set of straight stairs, to a curved staircase. A stairlift could be the difference between staying in your own home, or needing to move to a bungalow or ground floor flat.

A Walk in Bath

Baths are a brilliant way of relaxing and unwinding, particularly if you are suffering with aches and pains, but getting in, and then getting out again, can become a struggle as you get older. A walk in bath means you can still enjoy the relaxation a bath offers, but without the rigmarole of trying to get in safely, particularly useful for those with arthritic issues who would struggle to climb. Another option is to turn your bathroom into a wet room with a shower, this is perfect if you need to use a wheelchair.

An outdoor ramp

Many of use have at least one step to get into our homes, but even that one step can be an issue as you get older, whilst two or three could be a complete minefield. Adapting this by adding a ramp could answer this issue, particularly if you, or your elderly relative has to use a wheelchair at any time.


Making sure your home is well lit is very important, particularly if your sight is starting to fade. Age UK suggests motion sensor lights that you don’t have to physically get to in order to turn them on, saying that you should:-

Make sure your home is well lit. Think about getting motion-sensor lights installed that switch on automatically when you get out of bed or enter a room.

Getting older doesn’t mean having to leave your home, you may just have to adapt it a little to suit your new needs.

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