Top Five Tools For Applying Makeup Foundation

Ask any woman who has the experience of applying makeup for years, and they will tell you that foundation is the key to how you look each day.

You can have all the makeup accessories while spending a lot of money on eyeshadow, lipstick, or other items. However, even if those accessories can elevate your appearance, they cannot cover up a poorly applied foundation.

Investing in the right foundation stick or similar tools is essential if you plan to wear makeup most days. Whether you are learning about makeup or want to improve your makeup application style, our guide below can help.

Here are the best tools to help you apply makeup foundation.

1. Sponge for Powder Foundation

One of the reasons you may choose powder foundation is its versatility. Applying powder foundation is much easier if you use a brush, dry sponge, or a damp sponge.

For most women, sponges tend to work better for powder foundation, as you end up with a sheer layer of coverage that is the perfect underlayer to your other makeup.

If you invest in a makeup sponge, ensure you buy one from a reputable company. Some of the cheaper sponges appear effective but only last for a few uses. A quality sponge should give you years of consistent service, especially with the same makeup tone.

2. Brush for Liquid Foundation

If you want to apply liquid foundation successfully, you must apply it seamlessly without any streaks. That is why a brush that has a flat, tapered tip is so crucial for your makeup arsenal.

The perfect brush will allow you to apply liquid foundation seamlessly while allowing for greater precision. You can ensure every inch of your face and neck looks the way you intended.

Since a liquid foundation is so helpful in covering lines and wrinkles, acne, or pores, you do not want to have a hard time applying it during your makeup ritual. You can get smooth, blended coverage with a high-quality brush head while successfully covering up all facial blemishes.

3. Hair Makeup Brush for Stick Foundation

Stick foundations are known for having a much thicker consistency, which is why you need a makeup brush to match. The best makeup brushes for stick foundation are flat, dense hair makeup brushes. 

The advantage of these brushes is that you can easily smooth out the texture of the stick foundation, delivering full coverage. Another advantage of such hair makeup brushes is their size. They are often compact enough to carry one in your purse, allowing you to touch up or re-apply your makeup on the go.

4. Foundation Brush for Whipped Foundation

Part of the reason whipped foundation has become so popular over the years is its ease of application. The lightweight texture of a whipped foundation makes it extremely easy to apply evenly, which is why some women choose to apply it with their fingertips.

If you are hesitant about using your fingers to apply makeup or had a disappointing experience with that method, you should invest in a large tapered foundation brush.

The tapered brushes have the surface area and firm hair necessary to apply whipped foundation perfectly. All you have to do is dab the brush with some of the foundation, and you are ready to apply.

5. Fluffy Brush to Achieve A Natural Finish

There are many occasions where you may prefer a natural finish compared to a heavily airbrushed appearance. Maybe you are heading for a casual coffee with a friend, or you want to project a “no makeup” aesthetic during a first date.

A fluffy hair makeup brush is perfect for achieving a natural finish with any style of foundation. These brushes have such a large surface area that you can add powder or whipped foundation and then move it around your face in a single application for a natural finish.

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