Using Handwriting Fonts In Your Design Work

The handwriting font you choose can make a big difference to your design work, whether it be slogans on clothing, lettering for posters, creating your own stationary or invites, even decorating a classroom. And where, once upon a time, the font you chose was restricted by the print programme on your computer, and, before that, the beauty of your own pen work, these days you can purchase a fonts download that will ensure you have the right tools to reflect your creativity and image. You can find a lot of beautiful handwriting fonts online, even free ones! So, if you don’t really feel like spending any money, simply download these free fonts and use them right away.

It is very/ easy to get the font you want on your own computer, you simply need to purchase the font bundle that catches your eye, then download to your computer as a zip file, and then install. Your programmes will then have all your beautiful new fonts that can be used in whichever way you want.

But you may be thinking – what can I actually use these fonts for?

Step this way for a few ideas.

Creating your own stationary

At one time it seemed like stationary was going out of fashion, but that was definitely then. Beautiful stationary objects have become almost like fetish items that some people find it hard to resist, so why not add your name, brand or signature in your very own font?

Writing letters may seem to be old hat, but designing your own post – it notes is most definitely not and will certainly brighten up the office.  Fonts could also be used on promotional objects that help to promote a business – badges or pens with your business name, website or phone number. A standout font will make your business stand out too.

Wedding Items

Whether it be the official invitations, or items for a stag and hen night, you could use your font to create your very own wedding identity. Slogan t-shirts are becoming very popular with hen parties who are having either names, or roles printed on them (bride, bridesmaids, mother or the bride etc). You could match the colour of your scheme either in your font or keep the font black on a coloured t-shirt.

Personalised items given as gifts to your wedding party can also utilise your chosen font, and create a lovely uniformity to your whole wedding design.

For Bloggers

If you have your own blog, and are fed up with the standard fonts, then you could upload your chosen font to give your blog a bit of a makeover. Maybe you will just keep it for use on headlines and title blocks, either way, it could freshen up a design that has become a little tired.

A new font could also be used as a signature block for the end of each post, adding a touch of style to your blog.

For School Use

As an ex teacher, I would’ve loved a bank of new and original fonts for use in classroom displays and on information posters and banners.

Eye-catching block letters could help children to memorise important information and can also create a space that is bright and interesting and totally conducive to learning.

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