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White Stuff Emma Bag….and why you should abandon trousers…


A really lovely, and totally true story. I’ve long been a fan of White Stuff, literally since they opened their first Birmingham store a few years ago, and so I always looks out for their newsletters with a real anticipation of what they will contain. A few weeks ago I got an email announcing the arrival of the ‘Emma’ bag, and have to admit that I feel in love immediately. After all, I’m sure Lana Del Rey and Jessica Stam could agree that having a bag named after you is a rather lovely thing. (ahem).

I tweeted White Stuff, saying how I was going to have to get the bag as they had been so kind as to name it after me (I know, I know…), but imagine my surprise when those wonderful people actually sent me the bag, especially as it couldn’t have been a worst morning otherwise, I had a poorly 4-year-old off school, didn’t feel good myself, and had virtually no sleep that night.

EMMA BAG £99.95 click to visit White Stuff

This bag is basically perfect. The colour is so much more vibrant in real life, and the slouchy style means it looks great with Jeans, as well as with smarter outfits. It is also HUGE, certainly big enough to hold all the junk that I insist on carrying around with me. And the leather is that gorgeous, soft leather that will just improve with age, gaining character as the leather wrinkles and cracks. All in all, a really beautiful gift that I am frankly overwhelmed by.

And now…Skirts

I saw a really good tweet a few days ago on twitter, courtesy of The Clothes Show. It said ‘FUN FASHION FACT: The skirt is the second oldest women’s garment in history.’ Now, I didn’t realise this, although I suppose that Roman men wore something that sort of resembled a skirt. But I do think it’s time that the poor old skirt had a bit of a reappraisal. Because, lets face it, we often live in our trousers, jeans and leggings in Winter, and then switch to dresses for special occasions, evenings out and Summertime. White Stuff”s latest collection is all about giving a bit of wardrobe space to skirts, and they have a fab range to tempt you with.

TWIGGY SKIRT £39.95 click to visit White Stuff
GLADSTONE SKIRT £45.00 click to visit White Stuff
KEEDA SKIRT £45.00 click to visit White Stuff
ORLANDO REVERSIBLE SKIRT £45.00 click to visit White Stuff
ETON ROAD SKIRT £49.95 click to visit White Stuff

To view all White Stuff skirts, click here.



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