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Your 5 at the Bullring

Last Saturday saw the Bullring, Birmingham host ‘Your 5’, a fashion and beauty event that promised to help you revitalise your wardrobe, or update your beauty regime, in 5 easy steps. A simple 10 minute consultation with a Your Five stylist gave customers an insight into key pieces for your face or wardrobe, with your final five pieces being sent directly to your email. I went along to check out the style picks.


The Your Five Consultants had picked out a range of clothing available at Bullring stores to illustrate the key trends, which they had highlighted as culottes, silk, the blouse or shirt, jackets and footwear, specifically pumps and trainers. I was talked through the pieces and the sorts of occasions they would work for, along with how they could be styled and accessorised. From this, I selected my favourite pieces, which were photographed and sent directly to my email, along with information about the cost and the stockists.

My favourite culottes.
My favourite culottes.


I was pleased to see that all price points were covered in the selections, and that allowances had been made for different ages, body shapes and sizes. From each collection I was able to choose a key piece, with only the footwear a difficult choice – just because I don’t really wear sports shoes. The culottes in particular were lovely, coming in a range of beautiful fabrics which made these a lovely alternative to skirts or trousers. I also totally fell in love with the Miss Selfridge scuba style skirt with the delicious floral print which is something I will definitely be adding to my wardrobe.


This blouse is so beautiful.

It was interesting to see that the sessions were fully booked up, and that people were also coming along on spec, hoping to get an appointment for a little free advice. The Your 5 staff were really accommodating about fitting all the extra people in, and were able to answer all fashion and beauty dilemmas with ease.



*With thanks to Bullring Birmingham and Frank PR for the invitation.



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