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10 Worth-It tattoos for burn victims



Being a burn victim can change a lot of things in your life. Depending on the seriousness off the burn and how much of the skin was burned, you may be able to hide it using certain clothing. But for those people who are burned all over, or burned in hard to hide areas, often you have two choices. Either leave everything for people to see or cover it up with a tattoo. If you were burnt in an accident that was not your fault, you may also need to look at how you can claim compensation for your suffering, you need to check out your legal options as you could be entitled to substantial compensation.

If you decide to cover your burn today I have 10 tattoo ideas for burn victims

Temporary tattoos:

Temporary tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and are ideal for people who want a tattoo but can’t face the needle or the thought of having something on their skin for the rest of their lives. Custom temporary tattoos can be found online at sites like



Tattoos to hide scar tissue:

Recent techniques have been developed to hide scar tissue by simply tattooing the affected areas in a skin tone pigment. This has led many people to be able to accept their skin again and is a recommended approach for people who just want the skin to look normal again.

Scar Tissue cosmetic surgery :

In a world obsessed with image, it is only natural that people with horrific burns to the face would want to appear normal again. There is now the option to get cosmetic face tattoo surgery, where your facial features are highlighted with techniques similar to those used when doing make up, however this is applied with a tattoo gun and lasts forever.


For people who want to cover a scar from a burn, nothing is more symbolic than the phoenix. Just like the legendary bird has recovered from the flames, so have you. Designs can range from simple art all the way to realistic 3d artwork!


Another legendary creature which is highly associated with fire, even breathing fire. These well-known mythical beasts would make a great idea for a tattoo for someone with burns.


Firefighters are a common design for people with burns due to the way they were most likely saved by a firefighter.

Fire sleeve:

Encircle your entire arm with flames. When done by the right artist this can be an amazing and head turning design that will continue to look great for your whole life.

Remember a lost one:

Get a tattoo to remember a loved one who passed away, this can be a variety of different designs. Portraits are common but you need to find someone who knows how to shade and pay attention to fine detail, always shop around for a great artist before getting a portrait.

Remember a lost house:

Perhaps you lost your home in the fire and would want to remember it by having it tattooed. You will need a picture of the house for the artist to base his design from.

Memorable dates:

Maybe the date of the fire is something you never want to forget. Have it inked into your skin to show respect. The date of your wedding or birth of your child are more examples of dates that you could have etched into your skin.



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