A chat with Elijah Choo – the genius behind Bodhi.

Elijah Choo is a botanical genius, the leading light behind the stunning range of Bodhi botanical therapies. This is an amazing range of gels and bath therapies which, in just a year, have gained a cult following (me included!) and have recently been nominated in the UK beauty awards for best new product. I have been lucky enough to get the very busy Mr Choo to spare a few minutes to answer some of Fashion-Mommy’s questions about one of my most beloved brands.

1. Describe Bodhi for the uninitiated.
Bodhi is an eco-luxury skincare brand launched in Birmingham last September. Bodhi means “enlightenment”. Our namesake is our guiding mantra: to create honest, natural products that are not only indulgently pleasurable to use, they are also highly effective. Inspired by traditional global remedies, our inceptive collection Botanical Therapies is packed full of exotic premium ingredients that are ethically sourced from sustainable origins.

Picture by Edward Moss Photography

2. Bodhi’s success is clearly growing – what do you think is making it stand out from other bath and shower products?
I’m thrilled that Bodhi has garnered as much success and a strong following within such a short space of time. A lot of love and devotion has gone into our products and I hope that this comes across. I believe it is a combination of factors that make Bodhi stand out: the distinct packaging, the signature fragrances, the natural ingredients and the instant therapeutic qualities our products have on your skin and your senses.
3. Bodhi is full of beautiful fragrances – where do you get your inspiration from?
The fragrances and therapeutic benefits of Bodhi go hand in hand. Inspiration comes from everywhere; my travels, my intrigue with traditional medicine and home remedies, my life experiences. It can come from the most unexpected places. Scent is a very powerful sense that conjures up distinct and vivid memories in a flash. Bodhi fragrances are my way of capturing those happy memories.
4. What everyday smells do you love?
Smell is a very private journey for me and some of my favourite everyday scents would be inappropriate to mention here! I love the scent of wood. Restoring my home, Bittell Farm, has been a joy as I am constantly exposed to the divine aura of old English oak. Our garden is filled with a multitude of fragrant herbs, flowers and fruit which constantly excite my senses through the seasons. My favourites are my daily cup of Bai Mudan white tea and my beloved labrador – they are some of my grounding pleasures.
5.What is your personal favourite Bodhi fragrance?
Oh, this is difficult one. Each Bodhi fragrance represents a part of my personality and my favourite changes according to the season, the time of day and my mood. If I really have to pick a fragrance, I would say it’s the ever reassuring Rosemary Chi. The new Rosemary Chi Reviving Body Moisturiser is my personal enlightenment in a bottle. I hope it’ll be your new favourite too.
6. You have been nominated for a beauty award – what would it mean to win?
To be shortlisted for a UK Beauty Award is a great honour for any brand, let alone one that is barely a year old. To be ranked amongst long-established names like Liz Earle, NEOM, Famous Dave’s and Lucy Russell Organics is an accolade. To win would mean that what Bodhi stands for and we set out to achieve is appreciated and recognised – it would mean a great deal to me and to all who have unconditionally supported Bodhi.
Such a lovely, and unassuming person. Thanks to Elijah for taking the time to answer my questions. For more information about Bodhi, please visit the website www.bodhi.uk.com.
To win yourself some Bodhi goodies, follow the link to the article below.


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