A Christmas gift idea from Love 2 Read

A Christmas present that combines a joy of reading with personalised content. This is the premise behind the books of Love 2 Read. Quite simply, you can create a book for your child, one that combines simple sentences with photographs of events and days that are special to them. This creates a totally personal reading book that any child would absolutely love. I’ve made a unique one for Joe that celebrates his wonderful sporting achievements in 2015, and I just can’t wait for him to see it.


Love 2 Read is a concept that was developed by Caroline, a teacher of 15 years, who had been making homemade picture books for her own children using family photographs. She saw how much her children enjoyed them, and when friends started asking her to make books for their children, she knew her concept could become a very successful one, and Love 2 Read was born. Nowadays you can create your very own book using the Love 2 Read website, which is exactly what I did.

I wanted something to present to Joe at the end of the year. 2015 has been very special for Joe in terms of sport. He has started playing football, both for The Albion Foundation and for Wyrley Juniors, and has won numerous certificates, trophies and man of the match awards. He has also had the opportunity to meet some players from his favourite club, West Bromwich Albion. I wanted to celebrate all these events and happenings in a Love 2 Read book, one which Joe could also read for himself.



The book is very easy to create, you choose the colour for your cover, and then place the photographs one page at a time. You then add a sentence or caption for each picture. Keywords are then chosen to feature on the final page of the book. The print is clear and easy to read, and you have the opportunity to check and change anything you don’t like until you are finally satisfied with your finished product.




Love 2 Read books are just lovely, whether you want to present one as a gift for a child, or make a memento for your baby that you will present to them when they are older. I think they make a lovely Christmas present and you still have time to create your own book, as it will be with you within 10 days of ordering.

Love 2 Read books cost £14.99. Click here to visit the website.

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  1. such a lovely idea, great to give as gifts to grandparents or family who live abroad who might not get to see all of these achievements x

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