A Perfect Christmas Family Movie Night

As a per.son who most definitely lives for the Summer, I can’t see many advantages to Winter. It is cold, it goes dark early, you can’t wear flip flops and it would basically be better if I could hibernate until March/April. (Animals have most definitely got this right in my view.). But one thing I do love about Winter is the idea of getting cosy with the ones I love and cuddling up and watching movies. With Christmas just around the corner, I have been planning my perfect Christmas movie night, something I totally look forward to.

Here’s my perfect Christmas movie night in three easy steps.

Gather Your Favourite People Around You.

Even your favourite film is improved if you watch it with loved ones all around you, so make sure they’re invited to your movie night. This could be friends to watch the ultimate in Christmas chick flicks ‘The Holiday’, or you might decide to go for a decidedly more grown up Christmas movie for an adults only movie night (I’m thinking Black Christmas, Die Hard or Bad Santa.) My perfect Christmas movie night involves my boys, my hubby and son, and involves cuddling up under festive throws with the tree lights twinkling.

Choose Those Festive Snacks and Drinks

My festive snacks are all about chocolate! Godiva is just the most amazing brand of chocolate, with so many gorgeous products that include Masterpieces Hazelnut Oysters with Belgian Milk Chocolate, Masterpieces Biscuits including the Ganache Hearts and caramel mixes. The chocolate is thick and creamy, with amazing soft centres, giving the chocs and biscuits a real luxurious feel that is almost too good to share.

When you are attempting chocolate overload, it would be rude not to add a hot chocolate drink topped with squirty cream and mini marshmallows. If you want to be a little more grown up you could add a touch of Baileys to your chocolate, or maybe a snifter of Brandy.

Choose Your Films

Top of my film list has to be Elf, just the most glorious of all Christmas films. I would follow this up with Nativity and then Scrooged. Once Joe has gone to bed, the evening could finish with Love Actually so I could have a good old snivel, always good for the soul as you thank your lucky stars that you’re not married to Alan Rickman, and wonder aloud whether Andrew Lincoln’s character is a weird stalker or not?

Post in collaboration with Goddiva.

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