Adding Spring Touches To Your Home

After the immense cold and acres of snow that have dominated the last few weeks, this week it has suddenly started to feel like Spring. Temperatures have risen by more than 10 degrees, the sun has come out, and it really feels like a different place. In short, it feels like Spring, and our thoughts turn to how to make our homes brighter and more Spring-like. 

Spring brings a whole host of new styles and trends that are not limited to clothing. Homewares always seem to have a fresh edge in Spring. As people start getting their homes ready for Summer, they tend to think brighter, flashier and elements of florals and colour start to emerge, even in the most neutral of settings. House of Fraser, in particular, has a fabulous homewares range that includes ceramics from Biba, prints and wall art from Linea and a great selection of candles including Hotel Collection and Jo Malone. Also, your local garden centres (which in general are still open at the moment) start to have new Spring lines arrive that should not only look great in situ but also bring a smile to your face.

Show Your Style

If your home is a neutral canvas, then it is easy to add a touch of Spring to it with your choice of accessories. I love pieces that utilise rich Spring colours, with yellows, bright pinks and greens running throughout. You can also add eclectic pieces and sort of mismatch rather than appear too matchy-matchy, with an animal print of Biba (an Art Deco/1930s throwback) contrasted with the rustic vintage charm of a beautiful, traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock, that is not only an investment piece but shows off your quirky side.

Scatter Cushions

I love to scatter different types of cushions of mixed prints for that slightly shabby chic feel. The whole point of the style is that they don’t match, instead giving you a look that is both unusual and unique to you. 

Cushions can be different sizes and shapes, can be a mix of plain and printed designs and should look like they have been put together on your sewing machine, rather than sourced from independent boutiques and department stores. Of course, if you are a dab hand with an upholstery sewing machine, you may well have made your own.



The candles are little bits of luxury that add a look and a scent to make a room feel both fresh and homely. The scent means that you can make your home smell Springlike as well as look the part, bringing those fresh floral scents into your home. At the moment, Home Bargains has a brilliant range of candles that are perfect for Spring (I think the range has been introduced for Mother’s Day and have scents like Candied Cherry which are just amazing.)

Add A Quirky Clock

A clock is often used as the centrepiece to a room, and so a beautiful, quirky heritage piece like a cuckoo clock is well worth an investment. These pieces from the Black Forest in Germany are hand-carved, which makes them even more special. They have a real heritage and story behind them that makes a lovely statement piece for your home. 

Although cuckoo clocks have hundreds of years of heritage attached to them, there are also modern designs, like the one below, that use the same craftsmanship with a more up-to-date look. A modern cuckoo clock will work well if your decor is more contemporary.


A Table Lamp

One way of changing the look of a room is by changing the lighting. A table lamp is a must-have to add atmosphere to any room and can reflect the decor in your space, or add a focal point to the room by being a show-stopping piece.

If you would rather have something larger, you could add a free standing style instead.

What finishing touches are you adding to your home this Spring?

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