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An evening talking hair with Nicky Clarke

A few weeks ago, before all the excitement and the frenetic madness that was Style Birmingham Live, I attended another event that could only be classed as amazing. Hair maestro and all-round legend Nicky Clarke hosted an evening to celebrate the opening of his new salon in Birmingham’s Mailbox, and I was very lucky to receive an invite to the event.

The new salon is a classy, glamorous affair, with lots of space to ensure you avoid the sometimes cramped, claustrophobic confines that can be a problem in small, hot salons. I particularly loved the wall which is filled with glossy magazine covers that Nicky styled the hair for, a testament to his longevity and importance in the world of styling.


The highlight of the evening was a chance to ask questions about hair, and to listen to advice. Nicky talked of the importance of washing your hair properly, and I truly believe that everyone in that room will never, ever wash their hair in the bath again! There were tips on maintaining colour, getting the right cut, and also on how to style hair into an updo that is easy to do, and looks great.

DSCN4356Nicky clearly loves the hands-on approach when it comes to hair, and as the floor asked questions, Nicky couldn’t resist a practical approach with his answers. TV presenter and weather girl Lucy Kite was just one of the willing models who had her hair semi- styled by the man himself. I must admit to being a bit of a coward in this department, my own hair had been cut the night before and I didn’t want to face that age-old question ‘who cut this?’

Lucy Kite styled by Nicky Clarke


I had the most amazing night, and Nicky is truly inspirational, passionate about his work and just so warm and charming,

Many thanks to Rewired PR for the invitation.

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