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Bimuno can ease the symptons of IBS

I can speak from my own experience when I say that digestive health problems have the ability to completely blight your life. I was diagnosed with Colitis in 2006, after a period of debilitating stomach cramps, chronic diarrhea and general stomach discomfort. The diagnosis gave my illness a name and a label, but did nothing to take away the stress and worry this illness caused me, I was too frightened to eat out in case I had an attack of the killer cramps. Colitis attacks in flare-ups, so I can go through periods of time when I feel fine, but other periods are just hell for me with constant discomfort and bloating.


Colitis and IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) are illnesses that many of us now learn to live with, but there are things we can take that may help to ease our pain and discomfort. One of those things is IBAID by Bimuno. Bimuno produce a unique, second-generation prebiotic that helps sustain the good bacteria in your gut. IBAID, is specifically designed to support people suffering from digestive health concerns and those with symptoms such as bloating or digestive discomfort.

IBAID stands for Bimuno® Intestinal Bifidobacteria Aid. It is a new way to help maintain intestinal balance and comfort. Bifidobacteria are naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria that is present in the gut, and helps with the maintenance of a healthy gut. Bimuno explain that ‘Scientific studies indicate that the unique second generation prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharide formulation of Bimuno IBAID, helps encourage and sustain a healthy level of these ‘good’ bacteria. By helping to increase and strengthen your Bifidobacteria, you can help to maintain intestinal comfort.’ This all sounds very scientific and a little daunting, but basically IBAID is helping us to keep our gut healthy, and also helps to reduce the bad bacteria that can lead to pain, discomfort and bloating – all symptoms that can lead to real anguish for many of us. Bimuno is a prebiotic (not a probiotic that you find in yoghurt and yoghurt style drinks). That means that it’s a complex carbohydrate designed to support your good gut bacteria, essentially by “feeding” them. It therefore doesn’t contain any live bacteria. (as you would find in a probiotic).


If you are suffering from the symptoms of IBS or other related problems, I think it is worth checking out Bimuno IBAID. You can read testimonials and reviews here for further information.

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