Car Detailing Tips For Beginners – How To Get That Pristine Gleam On Your Car

We’ve all experienced the excitement of the car wash. Heading out with the family and sitting inside the vehicle as those huge motorized components thrashed, whirled and soaked every inch of the family car as we screamed and joked about opening the windows – it was one of the highlights of the week when we were kids.

However, as we get older and we begin to take pride in our possessions, it makes sense to learn how to care for your car properly. Interestingly, this requires more than heading to the car wash on Sunday or standing on the driveway with a plastic bucket and a sad-looking sponge. These days, if you want your car to look as good as the day you drove it off the forecourt, you’re going to need to take it a step further with car detailing.

Car detailing is the process of cleaning your vehicle and removing both visible and invisible contaminants on top of the paint job and those hidden within the intricate and porous layers of the bodywork. Check out for more information on the process.

If you want to get to grips with car detailing, you’re going to need to remember these simple tips. 

Be wary of cross-contamination

When you’re taking your car detailing and care seriously, you need to be wary of cross-contamination. Avoid using the same cleaning materials, such as cloths, brushes, towels etc on more than one area of the vehicle. You’re more likely to transfer, dirt, oil and grease from one part of your vehicle to another. Always have separate tools for the wheels/rims and the bodywork etc.

Avoid hot sunny days

Washing the car in the sun is a welcome relief from the heat. It doesn’t matter if you get wet and it’s a fun way to cool off. Sadly, as far as car detailing is concerned you should stick to the shade or work in your garage. Soaps and products will dry faster in the heat from the sun, leaving you with streaks, watermarks and rushing to get the job done. Move to the shade and take your time.

Invest in proper equipment 

The old sad sponge I mentioned earlier? It’s time to upgrade. Some sponges and cloths are so abrasive you could be causing more damage to your bodywork than you think. Specialist soap, buckets that specifically trap dirt and grime, a non-abrasive car wash hand mitt, brushes with various grades of coarseness, drying tools, lights so you can see in the most intricate of areas and even equipment belts – the list goes on… 

And finally, clean the wheels/tires first

Your wheels and tyres go through a lot. And if you focus on the main body of your car first, and then move onto the wheels, it’s likely that the dirt from your wheels and tires will land on your newly detailed paint job. As a rule, tackle the dirtiest areas first and thoroughly rinse your bucket of water afterwards before you move on to the next area. 


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