Caro Emerald – Style Queen

When I look at my blog stats at the end of each month, there is always one post that sticks out, a post that consistently gets massive viewing figures despite being almost 2 years old. That post is all about the amazing singer, and, in my eyes at the very least, style icon, Caro Emerald.

Caro Emerald demands your attention in so many ways. A statuesque, utterly curvy goddess, Caro has a style that is more akin to Old Hollywood than modern-day diva’s like Jessie J and Rihanna. The Dutch singer has a retro style that is glamorous, intoxicating and just a little dangerous, looking like a cross between a jazz club chanteuse and a French resistance fighter.


Caro embraces her curves, citing Christina Hendricks as a fashion influence. To get Caro’s style you need to master wearing a pencil skirt with aplomb – this is one of the key pieces in her wardrobe. Black is the basis for the wardrobe, but red and floral prints also make an appearance, in the form of dresses that look like they have been poured over every curve. And don’t forget hats – Caro rocks a beret and a sombrero like no other.

Caro Style from Evans

Scarlett & Jo Blue City Dress £35 click to visit Evans

Ice Blossom Grey Embellished Shoulder Maxi Dress Price: £75.00 click to visit Evans

Scarlett & Jo Pink Floaty Dress Price: £35.00 click to visit Evans

Scarlett & Jo Pink Side Panel Dress Price: £40.00 click to visit Evans

Sorrento Neutral Beaded Cardigan Price: £110.00 click to visit Evans

Evans Black Tailored Pencil Skirt Price: £22.00 click to visit Evans



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