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‘Catch the Bus Week’ with Stagecoach Buses

July 4th to the 10th has been designated has this years ‘catch the bus week’. This is a national initiative which wants to encourage people who don’t normally catch the bus to try it out.  There are proven benefits to using the bus for travel and commuting, not least the fact that by using public transport we are easing congestion on our roads and opting for a greener alternative. Plus, with companies offering tickets like the Megarider, which can offer unlimited travel, bus fares are cheaper and better value for money than ever.

The national bus operator Stagecoach, the company who offer the Megarider, and who are involved  in this year’s bus week, have been looking at the facts and figures for how long we spend using buses. Did you know, for instance,that, on average, we spend six hours per week commuting ? They asked the question – what you could do with an extra 6 hours per week?


In those six hours, Stagecoach have worked out the average commuter could do …

1. 12 Facetimes catch ups with friends and family using the free Wifi onboard.

2. In one year of commuting by bus, you could read about 52 books!

3. Bus commuters could learn French onboard in just half a year!

4. Bus commuters could watch every episode of Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Breaking Bad in a year!

5. You could knit 28 scarves a year!

6. Enough time to read 8,550 newspaper articles

7. A third of bus commuters listen to other people’s conversations!

I love a long bus journey, I tend to catch up with friends by phone or text, jot down notes for blogposts, or just lose myself in a good book. Joe also loves the bus, especially the chance to sit upstairs in the seat in the front window. Bus travel appeals to his general nosy jean, as he will people watch or just look out of the window, asking questions about where he is.

Using the bus is a great way of getting out and about. Stagecoach cover a whole lot of areas and could be a good way of enjoying day trips in the upcoming school holidays. You can check out a map which shows their destinations and find more details of the areas covered here.


Stagecoach are also running a social media competition, asking people to upload a picture which shows ‘how they spend their time onboard’. The best picture will win £100 amazon vouchers.  You can enter on the Facebook page here.

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  • Kira

    I must admit that I do love traveling by bus! I used to spend and hour on the bus going to college every morning and I always managed to finish off homework, read a book, and catch up on sleep etc. All those things you can’t do if you’re driving!

  • Amy Hunt

    I’m not saying I’m a fan of busses but as a non driver, they’re the only way I get myself about the place. Not to mention the benefit to the environment of taking a bus than taking an extra 50 cars ( wish more people would walk/bike though) xx

  • kelsie

    Wow! 6 hours a week! And all we could get done in that time is amazing! I’m terrible for taking my car everywhere thinking it’s just quicker to get from A to B I guess I didn’t think of things I could be doing instead of driving. Interesting, I’m going to have to have a look at the bus timetables maybe give it a try. x

  • Sarah

    I’ve spent so much of my life on buses! Haha.
    I do believe they are good for the environment, better than driving atleast, but I don’t plan on setting foot on a bus again for a long while! Haha

  • Cassandra Mayers

    I used to take the bus a lot more when I lived up north. Still do take it from time to time but I don’t find it as relaxing as I used to now I have a toddler. Used to love the bus ride home from college after a hard day and would sit an d look out the window 🙂

  • Jess

    I used to get the bus to work and it took me two and a half hours so I did get a lot of reading done… But now I drive it takes about 30 minutes and frankly, I’d rather have those two hours!

  • Ickle Pickle

    I am sorry to say that travelling by bus is the only form of transport that gives me travel sickness. My eldest daughter does use a service we have straight to Bristol where she is at Uni all the time – it is a godsend. Kaz x

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