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    How to Start a Successful Blog in 2022

    Blogging is one of the fastest growth industries in 2019. There are so many obvious reasons for this.  It is something you can initially start, and then produce from the comfort of your own home, with the most flexible of hours. It has no restraints linked to age or sex, literally everyone can do it, you just need some form of keyboard, a tablet, or even just a smartphone. Blogging allows anyone to be their own boss, choose their own topic of choice to write about, and to decide what days to work, taking time out whenever you need. It suits young students supporting a degree, stay at home moms,…

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    Understanding Landing Pages

    Businesses are increasingly adopting new media marketing techniques to promote their brands. There are numerous marketing techniques that may be used, but one important method that has proven to be successful is the use of landing pages. You may be at loss with what a landing page is and how it functions. Don’t worry; we’ll break everything down for you with explanations in this post. A landing page is a standalone webpage created for the aim of promoting or selling a product or service. It is made with a goal in mind, which is referred to as a “Call to Action.” A call to action in an online publication is a prompt to…

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    Be a stylish wedding guest

    2017 is a very special day for my family as it is the year my little brother gets married. His fiancee Natalie will make a honest man of him this July in the beautiful, sunny surroundings of Cyprus. I am getting very excited already, not just at the thought of two weeks in Pathos, or even at the idea that my youngest sibling will finally be married, but at the idea of getting very dressed up for the wedding. Because who doesn’t love getting dressed up! There used to be hard and fast rules about how you dressed as a wedding guest. Hats seemed to be obligatory, as did pastel…