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Choosing the right baby car seat – inspiration from Prince George

One of the most important things an expectant/new parent has to do is choose a car seat.  It is also one of the scariest. New parents aren’t allowed to take baby home unless the car seat has been inspected by the hospital, and it goes without saying that the safety of the new baby is paramount in the parent’s mind. Luckily, there are now really great options when it comes to choosing a car seat, with Prince William giving some inspiration.


No-one could forget that fabulous July day when Prince William and Duchess Kate emerged from St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, with their tiny baby Prince. And what many people commented on was how easily Prince William was able to secure the car seat into the back seat. The car seat the Prince had opted for was a Britax car seat ,  the lightweight baby safe, and I remember letting out a squeal of delight as this was the same seat we had chosen for Joe when he was younger. Nothing like getting the royal seal of approval for your choice.

 Britax Eclipse Child Car Seat Black Thunder £79.99 click to visit Halfords
Britax Eclipse Child Car Seat Black Thunder
£79.99 click to visit Halfords

Britax have created a fabulous range of award winning car seats that are definitely worth a look when you are shopping for your baby. They have a range of colours and sizes, and also have adaptable seats that can cater for your baby as they continue to grow. They also design seats that use the isofix technology that offers the ultimate in child safety when travelling by car. Isofix car seats are the safest way to transport baby by car, the baby seat is secured into your back seat by a fixed connection that slips into the back of the seat, meaning no need for securing by seat belts. This means the seat moves less than regular car seats due to more rigidity, making them safer for baby in the terrible event of a crash. There are three different types of isofix fitting, meaning there should be something to suit every car type.

Isofixpageleft1We opted for an isofix car system and I can honestly say that we were impressed with the ease of use and the safety it offered. We purchased our system from Halfords who offered  free fitting and lots of advice.

As you can see Joe found the chair very comfortable…


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