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Last week I had the pleasure of being introduced to a fabulous website which allows you to create a totally unique t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, bag, even an apron or coffee mug. Spreadshirt is a very special site that gives you the opportunity to flex those creative muscles in order to create a personalised, self designed item, either for yourself, or as a gift for others. Easy to use, and with very quick delivery, Spreadshirt could be the answer to any tricky gift dilemmas that you have.

The concept is simple and is also very adaptable. Using the ‘create’ tab, you choose an option, either from the person list (For Him, For Her, For Kids etc), or you can choose from the items list, with everything from baby clothes to accessories available. Once you have chosen your item you can literally tailor make every aspect of it, from colour, sleeve length, addition of text, and image. There are literally thousands of different images from numerous different categories, just using the description soft kitty t-shirt brings up 30 different images you could use.

I totally love this one – I can think of so many friends who would love this…

Women's Boat Neck Long Sleeve Top

What I really like about this site is that you can also upload your own images. I think this would be perfect if you were designing something for a stag or hen weekend, you could maybe upload a baby photograph of the bride or groom. Similarly, if your child has a favourite photograph, you could create a very personal gift, especially for them.

Spreadshirt is so easy to use that I worked with my five year old, who happens to be boat crazy, to create his perfect hooded sweatshirt. We chose colour and design, and he is now really excited about ‘his’ top arriving. This is something we could not buy in any shop, and that is what makes Spreadshirt a site most worthy of bookmarking.

Joe’s Designunnamed

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    • It was so easy to use and I love the fact you really can create the perfect gift for a loved one.

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