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As I mentioned in a previous post, I was nominated for best blogger award at the inaugural Birmingham Awards which took place last Friday at the Warwickshire Cricket Ground. I was dressed in a beautiful gown from Kaliko (which you can read about here.) My husband Pete, who was my plus one on the night was in a wonderful formal dinner suit that was sent for the occasion by those wonderful people at F&F Clothing.

Pete is quite adventurous when it comes to clothing, he will experiment with different colours and take chances on new styles. He has worn a dinner suit on a number of occasions ranging from weddings, to formal nights on-board cruise ships, and he has always gone down a traditional route, with a black tuxedo. On this occasion however, he decided to try something in a different colour and fabric, wearing a navy version, with a slim fit tuxedo.

F&F Navy Peak Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo Jacket £40.00 Click to visit F&F

F&F Navy Peak Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo Jacket
£40.00 Trousers £20 Click to visit F&F

Because this is a slim fit suit, it has a more modern feel than the traditional dinner suits, and the fabric is also luxurious, with a slight pattern. The colour and pockets have a satin black trim, making it match the bow tie and a handkerchief for the top pocket if required. Blue tuxedos have been making a regular appearance on red carpets of late, and this whole look felt very current and now, think Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaghey and Gerard Butler for inspiration.



DSCN9692It was such a great night and the suit was perfect for the occasion. It was a really good fit, the jacket was size medium, and was comfortable for Pete to wear – not too tight under the arms. Teamed with the traditional bow tie and black shoes I think this was a dapper, dashing look, one that is also very reasonably priced too.



If you are looking for formal wear for any occasion this Christmas, I would definitely check out F&F Clothing.

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  1. That suit is great, I wish my other half would wear a navy or even a grey suit but it’s difficult changing his mind when it comes to formal attire! Congrats on your nomination by the way and that photo of you both together is lovely!

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