Edie Sedgwick – My Earring Idol.

I spent most of this gloriously sunny weekend reading the fantastic book ‘Edie – Girl on Fire’ about the tragic 60s icon and Factory Girl Edie Sedgwick. I found myself pouring over the great photographs of her, admiring her style, but mainly admiring her wealth of chandelier and long, dangling earrings.

Of course, Edie style is well-known, the beatnik  black and white looks, the tights worn as trousers with the shortest of mini dresses or jumpers over the top, Edie was a style icon who is still revered today. Another member of the 27 club. Edie remains a young and beautiful presence who continues to fascinate. But it those earrings that really fascinate me. Edie seemed to always opt for shoulder sweepers, earrings that completely dressed your outfit, in a range of gold and silver slivers.

As a fan of big earrings, I  have faced many comments over the years about my Pat Butchers! But, to me there is nothing so chic as a little black dress, an upswept hairdo and a pair of elegant chandelier earrings. I’m in good company. In recent years, Kate Moss and Beyoncé have taken the statement earring to new levels, wearing both exquisite diamond varieties and holiday market trinkets to fabulous effect. But it is Edie who remains the queen of the statement earrings, immortalised in all those black and white shots.

So this season I am going to embrace my love of the chandelier and drop earrings. There are some amazing pieces on the high street – here are a few I’ve got my eyes, and hopefully my ears,on…

Oasis Cupchain earrings 



Forever 21 paisley chandelier earrings 

Wallis black feather earrings 

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