Femme Luxe And Dopamine Dressing

When the weather is dull, or days are long and dreary, the colours we wear can help to enhance, and even change our mood. We have heard a lot recently about dopamine dressing, particularly since the lockdown, where we looked for pick me ups where we could find them. Our wardrobe was one way we could still express ourselves, could still show our personality, could try to be a bright light when the world seemed increasingly dark. Now it seems that Summer 2022 is the season of Dopamine dressing, and once again online retailer Femme Luxe is leading the way.

So what is Dopamine dressing, or even dopamine colours?  Dopamine dressing is choosing your colours in your clothes to specifically improve your mood and your mindset. It can also be linked, to a lesser extent, to textures and fabrics, but colours are usually the key, instant pops of brights and primaries that can make you actually feel better and brighter too. Top colours for this are the jewelled shades of blue and green, but I have added red into the mix too, and mixing and mismatching those shades can give an instant lift to your wardrobe and can look vibrant and this season, totally on trend.

Dopamine colours are actually great for the over 40s wardrobe, and are certainly not just the confines of the young and trendy. Brighter colours worn close to the face can actually boost the look of your skintone, which can actually make you look, and therefore feel, more youthful, and this certainly costs far less than those expensive face creams that promise to knock years off you. If you need further inspiration, type #dopaminecolours into Instagram, and see plenty of stylish ladies using the look and absolutely rocking it.

Femme Luxe Does Dopamine Colours

Femme Luxe has long had a tradition of using some of the most vibrant colours around, in my last review I wore the stunning oversized blue shirt that is most definitely dopamine in colour and style. This particularly shirt, the Lexy, actually comes in three colours, the others being green, and the red that I am wearing here. This shirt would look great with ripped jeans

but to keep the dopamine trend going, I opted to team mine with the Dorte green straight leg drawstring cargo trousers, a smarter version of the women’s loungewear sets that Femme Luxe is so famous for.

How Did I Style This Look?

The key to this look is comfort, so the shirt is left loose, rather than tucked in as I wore the blue version, and the trousers are slightly baggy and overly long on the leg. I teamed mine with trainers (Stan Smiths from Vinted being my trainer of choice) and a rainbow coloured Kensington bag from Kurt Geiger. I kept jewellery to a minimum, with the only other accessory being my Bulgari sunglasses. (This outfit definitely fits the mantra that the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!).

How Else Could You Style These Pieces?

The shirt would work with a skinny jean to keep the proportions in check, or could be worn open over a t-shirt, camisole, or even a t-shirt dress. The combats are quite silky and more dressy than they may look in the pictures, and bring to mind the All Saints style of the 1990s. so they would totally work teamed with a vest top and some Birkenstocks for a more Summery look. They might even work with a more tailored white shirt and a pair of heels for a look suitable for a night out. These trousers would be great for a Summer festival too.

Competition Time

It’s time for another Femme Luxe competition.  I have the Blake camel off the shoulder loungewear set in size XL (16-18) to give away to one lucky reader.

The competition is UK only and the winner will be contacted by email.

Numerous ways to enter below.

Win A Femme Luxe Blake camel loungewear set size XL


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