Gift A Scarf This Christmas

If you are wondering what to gift a special lady in your life this Christmas, why not opt for a scarf. A scarf is such a gorgeous, fail safe idea – you don’t need to know someone’s size, or even have to ask and then spoil the surprise, as one size fits all. All you really need to know is something of the style of the recipient – maybe whether they prefer plain or patterns, and possibly their favourite colours, and then you can choose something they will truly love.

Jewellery expert Xander Kostroma, who I am a big fan of on this blog, have this year ventured into the the realm of scarves, and, as you can imagine, their designs are beautiful, unique and luxurious. Their scarves are actually pashminas in that they are larger than average, and can be worn to cover the back and shoulders rather than just the neck. They are only made in small batches, so they have a real feel of exclusivity to them, and they can also be worn reversible, giving you two for one, which can never be a bad thing.

My current favourite is the Navy Blue “Lucky” Indian Elephant Tassel Winter Pashmina which is just such a wonderful design, a real treat for anyone who loves fashion, or who just loves elephants. The scarf has a beautiful, really soft feel to it that makes it just lovely to wear and perfect  to team up with your favourite winter coat for the season ahead. It features a symmetrical, “lucky” Indian elephant design that is a really exquisite design that will match with any coat or jacket you may be wearing, but the size of the pashmina means this could also be worn over your shoulders if you work in a draughty office.

What I like about this is that it is a truly versatile gift idea. It will certainly work now as an added layer on cold winter’s days, and an accessory to be teamed with a cute hat and gloves. But, once the weather turns warmer, you could easily use this as a glamorous cover up over your pretty Summer dresses and outfits, or even to cover up your shoulders to shield them from Summer sun.

You can find the whole range of Xander Kostroma pashminas here.


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