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Gudrun Sjoden Women in Art Collection

Exciting times! The new Spring/Summer collections from Gudrun Sjoden have just been launched, and, as you would expect from the lady, they are bright, beautiful and totally wearable.

As regular readers are already aware, I fell in love with Gudrun’s designs at a press day a couple of years ago, pulled in by the fabulous quality of the pieces, the use of organic, Eco cotton, and the sheer fun and use of colour they inspired in my wardrobe. This season, my personal favourite from the current collections is the one inspired by ‘Women in Art’.  This is an homage to some wonderful Scandinavian female artists, in particular, Vera Nilsson, Suri Derkert and Tovi Jansson. These women were in mind to inspire a range that Gudrun says is a tribute to ‘Strong, unique females who had to fight for women’s place in art and society.’

Tove dress, Siri Leggings. Click here to visit Gudrun Sjoden

As you would expect from Gudrun, the range is packed full of fabulous eco cotton pieces that are perfect for Spring. Loose tunics and dresses make this so easy to wear, the ultimate in comfort clothing. There is the obvious homage to the artist in smock style tops and jackets that have a slightly bohemian feel to them. Patterns feature heavily, the Siri is a cool mixture of waves and dots, whilst the Tove is super pretty florals on block backgrounds of both primary colours (I so love the deep green version) and cool white (with a striking pink/orange print).

Siri Tunic
Siri Tunic click here to visit Gudrun Sjoden
Siri Top
Siri Top click to visit Gudrun Sjoden

Another thing that makes this collection so fab is that Gudrun has used a variety of models, including some older women to prove the mantra that style is ageless and timeless. This is a great move towards more diversity in fashion, and the images themselves are just wonderful. They also show just how versatile the pieces are from the latest range, they truly suit a variety of people.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 17.27.36
A fabulous diverse campaign from Gudrun Sjoden


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