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Helpful Storage Solutions For Your Home

It’s that time again, when we start to talk about giving the house a spring clean. Spring is the perfect time to have a declutter. Christmas is now a distant memory again, and with the weather finally starting to warm up, you can get those windows open to clear away the cobwebs, can finally get some washing on the line to dry and can welcome the new season with an ‘old with the old, in with the new’ attitude.

Before you get on to the sorting, you first of all need to get rid of as much rubbish as you can. You may find you have a lot more stuff that needs removing so you might need to find a rental company near you to take it away, or, at the very least hire a skip.

Once you have got ride of the rubbish and the clutter, then you have to find suitable storage solutions for the things that you want to keep in order to ensure everything is kept orderly. ‘A place for everything, and everything in it’s place’ may sound like a cliche, but being able to find things easily, without your house looking like a jumble sale is no mean feat if you have a family of messy children.

So what storage solutions does your home need?

Large Storage Solutions

If you have a loft space, this can often be a great way of storing belongings that you may not need to access all the time – for instance, your Christmas decorations for the 11 months of the year when they are not in use. To make the best use of this space, you need appropriate, hard wearing shelving , whether this be in the form of freestanding units, or wall shelving. BiGDUG , who are experts in shelving, racking and ultimate storage hacks, have some brilliant, heavy duty storage units that combine strong shelving with a stylish industrial look that would work so well in a loft space.

These stylish, industrial style shelving units could actually work really well in a home office situation, perfect for holding box files and paperwork, or even for creating an ultra smart teen bedroom.

Another area where you could create additional space for storing things like wellington boots,outdoor shoes and sports equipment is in your garage. Suitable garage shelving can lead to this space being another well organised storage space, rather than a dumping ground which is often the case of garages.

Small storage solutions

If your space is really at a premium, then you may need to look at making use of areas that can be better organised. Under bed storage is great for toys, and by organising them neatly, it may even create more space. Plastic tubs can also be stacked neatly for Lego, building bricks and Playmobil toys. These will fit easily onto your metal shelves and shelving units, and also add a bright and colourful feel.


Built in solutions

If you have a little more space, then a built in storage solution  may work best. Under stairs storage ideas, and built in wardrobes with different sorts of integrated storage are great if you have both space, and a little extra budget to play with. I love that you can add trays for jewellery, and cage drawers that are perfect for knitwear, to your wardrobes and units.



Add a mezzanine.

This is a solution that really works well in Victorian houses with high ceilings. A mezzanine adds an extra layer of flooring within a room, whether it be a bedroom, attic or even a split layer living room. This is often a solution used in industrial spaces, with Warehouse Storage Solutions providing some great examples, but this is a fabulous architectural idea that can be pretty much applied to any space, and can look totally amazing too.




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