How You Can Add Plenty of Style to Your Wedding

There’s nothing I like more than a beautiful wedding. Seeing two people join together is a wonderful thing. And I love admiring all the style choices each couple makes, from the dress to the flowers. If you’re a fashionable woman, you’re sure to want a stylish wedding. And you might be worried about your ceremony and reception looking a little too generic. You don’t want everything to look like it could be anyone’s wedding. It has to reflect your personal taste and style. If you want to make sure that your wedding is the most stylish you’ve ever been to, I have some great tips.

Be Stylish Right Away

A stylish wedding needs to exude style from beginning to end. So you need to make sure you’re injecting style into everything from the beginning. One of the first things you’ll do is make up invitations to send out to your guests. By the time you do that, you’ve hopefully chosen a theme or colour scheme for the big day. You can use these to inspire you to create a design that sets the tone for your wedding. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at wedding card templates to give you some ideas. You can choose a design and tweak it to suit you, or start from scratch. Of course, you can also have a designer make you custom invites.

Add Personal Style to Your Outfit

If brides all look the same to you, you might want to find a way to stand out. It can be difficult to find your own style when everyone is wearing slightly different variations of the same dress. The first thing you can do is think about choosing a non-traditional wedding dress.

You don’t have to go big and white if that’s not your thing. In fact, many women wouldn’t have worn a big white dress a few decades ago. But if you’re determined to stick to white, you could try wearing unusual accessories or giving your hair a unique twist.

Unconventional wedding dresses



Make Sure the Groom Has a Say

When it comes to wedding planning, the poor groom often gets left out of most of it. Sometimes this is because they’re not interested, but it can also be because the bride won’t let them have a say. If you want the wedding to be about both of you, you need to let your fiancĂ© have his input. That doesn’t mean you should give in to his suggestion of a Star Wars wedding. But you should ask his opinion before you make big decisions. Just don’t expect him to have an opinion on every tiny detail if it’s not his sort of thing.

Choose a Theme

If you’re not sure how to begin adding style to your wedding, a theme could help you. You could decide to do a vintage wedding, a country-inspired reception or a floral theme. It will give you a starting point to make some decisions, even if you veer off in another direction.


Perfect for a flapper themed 1920s wedding

You should be brimming with ideas for your wedding, but if you’re not, just look for inspiration online. Pinterest is my favorite resource!


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