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Introducing ‘Stick Em Up’ stickers for the home

When it comes to decorating our homes, it has to be said that it can be a very expensive business. Wallpaper is costly and many of us actually prefer the blank canvas that painted walls can provide, we can then add our own decoration and adornment. But blank walls can also be rather dull, particularly when they are in a child’s room. That is why I love the idea behind Stick Em Up, a company who are all about fun and interesting wall stickers that will create a theme for any room.

Stick Em Up are based in my neck of the woods (Wolverhampton to be precise) and have a lovely ethos when it comes to wall stickers and the great reason to try them. They say:-

“As parents we struggled to find a reliable source for wall stickers for our three children’s bedrooms as the characters they were in love with evolved.  Moving from Thomas The Tank Engine wall paper to Paw Patrol to the next great cartoon was extremely expensive and time consuming.  Now the room can be changed in minutes for less than £10.”

From focusing on stickers for children’s bedrooms, Stick Em Up have now moved around the home, and produce stickers that will work beautifully in a teen or adult bedroom, a living room, office or the kitchen – in fact – in any part of the home.  The stickers require no artistic skill to apply, and come with full sets of instructions in order to make the application process as easy as possible. They are also delivered with free shipping, making sure there are no additional costs. Most stickers currently cost under £10, this means you can add interest to a room, or create a themed wall for minimal cost. Some of the stickers are removeable, which means they are also good as a temporary fix – i.e. for a nursery which will then be transformed into a child’s bedroom.

You can find out all the information for the best walls to apply the stickers to on their website, but one tip is to avoid a newly painted wall, it is suggested you leave at least six weeks from painting in order for the wall to be cured completely.


Competition Time

Win a sticker of your choice (up to the value of £14.99) from Stick Em Up, with free shipping worldwide. See below for ways to enter.

Win a sticker of your choice from Stick Em Up.


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