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Jewel Candle – the perfect gift idea

Looking for an unusual gift idea for a loved one for a birthday or Christmas? Maybe you want to buy something special to say thank you to someone in your life? Or are you a bride looking for a bridesmaid gift? If you answered yes to any of the above questions the answer to your prayers may just be in this post. Let me introduce you to the Jewel Candle.

Jewel Candles combine two gorgeous gifts in one very sweet package. A scented candle with an impressive 10-15hours burning time is the first draw, housed in a heavy glass holder with a stopper style lid. Burn down the candle and a second gift is revealed, a beautiful, delicate piece of jewellery that can be worth anything between £10 – £250.

Piña Colada | Ring £24.95 click to visit Jewel Candle

Jewel Candle very kindly offered to send me a candle of my choice, and I chose a Pina Colada scented tall candle, which I knew would contain a ring. I loved the look of the candle, a lovely combination of white candle and clear glass that I think would grace any room. The jewel candle stickers on the front can be removed, but I rather liked the fun element of a cocktail in a candle, and at present have left them on.

I really liked the scent, which did smell surprisingly like a Pina Colada. It was fresh and fruity rather than cloying, heavy or sickly, and I liked the idea of having this scent around the bedroom. There are other scents I would also love to try, the Pink Cherry really appeals, as does the Passion fruit.

The ‘jewel’ is protected by heat protective foil and plastic, and so is perfectly unscathed by the burning of the candle. My candle revealed a delicate silver ring with a pretty clear Swarovski stone – I was shocked that it fitted my stubby finger so perfectly. It wasn’t the holy grail of the £250 gift, but it was super pretty and perfect, and I was really happy with it.

So, if you are looking for something a little bit different to give as a gift, check out the gorgeous range from Jewel Candle, two delicious gifts in one lovely package.

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