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Boden: Autumn Heroes

Well. if there was any doubt that Summer is now but a distant, beautiful, memory, the cold mornings and the biting wind and rain have been enough to show us that Autumn is here and that Winter is not far away. There have even been reports that we will have snow as early as next Month, as we face a very cold Winter. So what better way to cheer ourselves up and embrace the new season but through fashion?

Boden have been releasing new pieces over the past couple of weeks that deserve the title ‘Autumn Heroes’. These are pieces that keep you looking stylish in the cool temperatures, but are also practical enough to wear for all those everyday events, from work to the school run or a supermarket dash.  There are basic pieces, but they have the famous ‘Boden’ touches, from dotted cuffs on denim shirts, to the hottest of bright colours ready to enliven dark winter days.

The Denim Shirt £39.00 

Worn with skinny jeans £49. Click here for details.

Wool Skater Dress WQ068 £139.00 

There is still an early 1960s feel to Boden. The military styled coat has a Julie Christie styling to it, whilst the knitted jumpers look as though they were made to be worn with a three strand set of pearls, unless, of course, they have their own stunning embellishment.

Military Moleskin Coat WE403 £119.00 
CHELSEA JUMPER Price: £89.00 
Ponte Roma Trouser WM346 


Bistro Crop Trouser WM329

Finish your stylish looks with a sensible pair of shoes. But be warned, sensible never looked so good! Have you ever seen anything so pretty as the eggshell blue brogues?

Chic Ankle Boot AZ17
Brogue AR589 £109.00 

Boden’s Autumn heroes almost make it worth suffering the wind, rain and cold.


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