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Keeping stylish at work

Work might make you feel a little plain every now and then, with the realities of work wearing you down somewhat. However, there are ways you can help make yourself feel that much better throughout the toughest of days. Simon Jersey take you through some of the ways you can help yourself look and feel stylish while at work.


Style is an individual consideration

No matter what you wear at work, you should always be aware that there is no real “objective” right answer when it comes to style. Essentially, you should always be looking to strike a balance between what you think looks professional with what makes you feel professional.

That is, you might like the idea of wearing high heels at work, but if they’re uncomfortable to wear after a short while, you may start to get distracted by that discomfort, which could reflect on how professional you come across to other staff and customers. It’s a simple fact that feeling professional makes you feel more confident. And that air of confidence will be immediately apparent to everyone you work with.

You should also consider that how you dress does affect your attitude in interesting ways. In fact, you might think that clothes have absolutely no bearing on how you’re perceived, or how you act, but a study published in 2007 found that what people wore at work affected how they acted. For example, a more casual uniform made staff feel and act in a more friendly manner, while wearing a full suit made them feel and act more productively and authoritatively.

Style throughout the year

Even if your workplace doesn’t have a uniform, you could consider making an unofficial one purely for your own benefit. For example, singling out around five or six trousers, shirts, shoes, dresses, etc., for an unofficial uniform offers you a wide range of customisation options for a different look each day that still leaves you looking and feeling professional.

That doesn’t have to be the end of it either. Just having the core of an unofficial uniform in place can be a jumping off point for further unique alterations depending on how you feel. For example, you can easily add a splash of colour and personal flair to your attire by adding a scarf if you feel like it. The uniform can be as flexible as you want it to be in order to feel and look at your best.

You should also make sure that you have optional additions to your uniform based on the season. Things such as lighter and airier clothes during the summer, when it’s far hotter, can help you stay comfortable no matter what the work day throws at you. The same applies for the winter, when thicker, more heavy duty clothing will be necessary.

By the end of the process, you will be left with a solid selection of clothing that is perfect for any work-related occurrence, at any time of the year. Considerations such as these will help you balance comfort with appearing effortlessly professional in any situation.

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