Last Christmas: I Absolutely Loved It.

Well, the critics absolutely panned it, to say the reviews are terrible would be the understatement of the year. But I feel there are not enough Christmas movies in the World, and certainly not enough British ones not made by the Hallmark Channel, so I decided to give Last Christmas a go. And, guess what, I absolutely loved it.

I’m a real fan of Emilia Clarke anyway, and totally loved the Mother of Dragons as Kate, a messed up, mixed up adopted Londoner who works in the most glorious all year around Christmas shop I have ever seen. Kate is a mess, she was very ill, almost died last year, so is now living for the moment with lots of one night stands with (admittedly hot) guys and auditions that she rarely throws her heart and soul into. Then she meets Tom, one of life’s good guys, who encourages her to ‘look up’ and change her ways. I won’t give anything more away, although there are spoilers aplenty online, but add in some beautiful renditions of George Michael songs and you have a couple of hours of sheer escapism.

I love Kate’s styling throughout the movie, even when she is dressed in her frankly fabulous elf costume (How clever were those stick on elf boots, if anyone knows where to get some from please let me know.) Kate reminds me of another 80s ideal, Madonna circa Desperately Seeking Susan and I just love the look, from the leopard print coat she wears with such aplomb, the chunky, slightly masculine boots worn with tea style 40s dress, the tousled, just fell out of bed but it works hair, and the fabulous splash of red lipstick.

Whilst we are talking fashion, I just have to mention the stunning looks that Emilia has been wearing on the promotional trail. I’m really not sure she ever gets it wrong.



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